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Teen Titans: The Early Years


When the adult heroes were possessed by the evil Antithesis entity, it was up to the teen sidekicks –
Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Speedy – to band together to save them. Inspired by
their success, the adolescent adventurers decided to remain a team – and the Teen Titans were
born! Some members left and new ones emerged – even forming a Titans West sub-group. But as
the members approached college, the team began to dissolve and eventually disbanded.

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The New Teen Titans & New Titans


As the other-wordly demon Trigon threatened to ravage the earth, his mystical daughter Raven
gathered a New Teen Titans team to thwart his plans. Together, Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash,
Changeling, Raven, Starfire and Cyborg were able to repel Trigon’s incursion. The Titans remained
a team and grew into adulthood, battling a host of dangerous adversaries that included the mercenary
Deatshtroke, crazed cult leader Brother Blood, the bitter Blackfire and traitorous teammate Terra.
But in the wake of Terra’s brutal betrayal, the teen heroes welcomed the gentle Jericho into their ranks.

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New Titans & Team Titans: The Titans Hunt Era


As the Titans began to enter their twenties, they dropped the “Teen” and became the New Titans.
The team was then thrown into turmoil when the Titans were viciously hunted by the
Wildebeest Society. Titans were lost as new allies were found – such as Pantha, Phantasm and
Baby Wildebeest. Events became even more complicated when the time-tossed Team Titans from
an alternate future emerged. The team remained in flux until Arsenal assembled his own short-lived
team of Titans after the Zero Hour time crisis.

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Teen Titans II: Atom’s Team


The second group of Teen Titans were united by a common origin. The sinister H’San Natall
alien race produced alien/human half-breeds to act as warrior sleeper agents on Earth. The
seedlings – Argent, Risk, Joto and Prysm – were activated on their 16th birthdays. Led by the
teenaged Atom, the youths joined under the auspices of former Titans mentor, Loren Jupiter.
The team was later joined by Fringe and Captain Marvel Jr. After an outer-space adventure
which ended the H’San Natall conflict, the team disbanded.

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The Titans


After rescuing Cyborg from alien programming, the original five Titans decided to reform as a
team and welcomed five other members into their ranks. The team confronted the anti-Titans
group Tartarus, a new H.I.V.E, Dark Angel and a mysterious group of D.E.O. Orphans. But when
Troia and Omen were seemingly slain by a rogue Superman Android, the Titans and Young Justice
were so distraught that both teams died that day. Meanwhile, on the West Coast, Beast Boy and
Flamebird tried to jump-start a new Titans team known as Titans L.A. – but lack of dedication put
an end to the team before it truly began.

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Teen Titans III: The Next Generation


Deciding the next generation of super-heroes needed a place to go, Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy
created a new Titans Tower headquarters in San Francisco. Joined by Robin III, Superboy, Wonder
Girl II and Kid Flash II, they became the latest version of Teen Titans! After the earth-shattering
Infinite Crisis, the team remained in constant upheaval until Robin returned. He reorganized the
Titans into a team, welcoming new members Ravager, Kid Devil, Miss Martian, Blue Beetle, Static,
Kid Eternity, Bombshell, Aquagirl and Solstice along the way. Meanwhile, the original Titans
re-teamed to defeat Trigon’s sinister sons, until the Titans name was shockingly usurped by

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Teen Titans IV: Heroes of the DCnU


In the wake of a new era, Red Robin teams with Superboy, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash to galvanize
and exciting new super team. Joined by three mysterious new members, the Teen Titans live again!

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