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Mayor James Hall

Formerly: Captain James Hall

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Councilwoman Elizabeth Alderman


The Teen Titans first met Captain James Hall through their affiliation with his friend and colleague, District Attorney Adrian Chase. Hall, an honest by-the-book cop,  worried Chase had become far too consumed with bringing down slimy mob boss Anthony Scarapelli. Hall’s concerns fell on deaf ears, as the District Attorney’s relentless pursuit of Scarpelli caused the mobster to retaliate, killing Chase’s wife and two children.  In turn, Chase enacted his own vengeance as the masked Vigilante, and shot  Scarpelli dead in a blaze of gunfire.

Captain Hall recovers from a near-fatal gunshot  in NEW TEEN TITANS #42 [1988].

Hall quickly deduced it was Chase working as the Vigilante, and warned his friend that such obsessions could lead to ruin. Later, Vigilante’s erratic reflexes caused him to mistakenly shoot Captain Hall, inflicting a fatal gunshot wound. Hall would have surely died if not for the Titans’ timely intervention along with Raven’s healing abilities. Tragically, this incident increased Chase’s self-loathing and prompted the unhinged vigilante to take his own life.

Captain Hall assisted the Titans on various cases and enlisted their aid when meta-human threats proved far too formidable for New York’s Finest. As such, James became a trusted ally and confidante to the Titans. So much so, he vehemently defended the young heroes when the opportunistic Councilwoman Elizabeth Alderman tried to smear them as part of her mayoral election campaign. Alderman’s ambitions ultimately proved her own undoing, as a brush with the corrupted Raven eventually led to the Councilwoman’s death.

ABOVE: Captain Hall vouches for the Titans in NEW TITANS #77 [1991].
BELOW: Captain Hall warns Donna Troy of Alderman’s intentions in NEW TITANS #78 [1991].

Years later, Hall himself ran for the office of mayor and found himself the target of an assassination attempt. The shooter was a petty criminal known as Shockwave, working on behalf of a criminal organization who engineered the hit as one small part of a bizarre conspiracy to gain possession of the Titans’ Island. The Titans quickly came to their friend’s aid, making short work of Shockwave and enabling James Hall to resume his term as the newly elected mayor of New York City.

Newly elected Mayor James Hall is targeted by Shockwave in TITANS #26 [2001].


 Essential Reading

New Teen Titans #26 [1982]: First appearance of Captain Hall.
Vigilante #6 [1984]: Captain Hall’s first name revealed as “Arthur.” Later, he is referred to as “James.”
Vigilante #50 [1988]: Bruised by a year-long series of tragedies and guilt, Chase becomes plagued by his own personal demons, and mistakenly shoots his friend, Captain James Hall. Adrian Chase eventually falls into a state of self-loathing and takes his own life.
New Teen Titans (second series) #42 [1988]: Captain James Hall recuperates from the gunshot wound inflicted by Adrian Chase at Manhattan General Hospital. He is visited by his wife, Doris, and the Teen Titans. It is revealed the Titans saved Hall’s life after the events of Vigilante #50.
New Titans #77 [1991]: Captain Hall defends the Titans.
New Titans #78 [1991]: Captain Hall informs Donna Troy about the destruction of Titans Tower.
New Titans #79 [1991]: Captain Hall vehemently defends the Titans to Councilwoman Elizabeth Alderman.
Titans #26 [2001]: The Titans stop Shockwave’s second assassination attempt on newly elected Mayor James Hall.


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