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Matt Logan

Beast Boy’s Cousin

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Character History

Matthew Kevin Logan was born in Detroit, Michigan under curious circumstances. As soon as he had his high school diploma (or GED equivalent) he headed out West to Los Angeles to seek his fortune in Hollywood. Neither a writer, model nor actor, Matt has since found gainful employment at Pink’s Hot Dog Stand, a temporary career move which he swears will lead to his big break if he doesn’t get fired first.

Matt was recently introduced to his paternal first cousin, Garfield, a.k.a. Beast Boy. When Gar was wrongly accused of murder, Matt was instrumental (sort of) in helping clear the family name. Later, Matt enrolled in UCLA’s Cinema School with the hope of becoming a director.

ABOVE: Beast Boy reconnects with his cousin in BEAST BOY (mini series) #1 [2000].
BELOW: Matt Logan helps found Titans L.A., in TITANS SECRET FILES AND ORIGINS #2 [2000].

After cousin Gar relocated to the West Coast, Matt took it upon himself to hold a membership drive for an all new Titans West. The membership drive quickly devolved into a keg party. As the party was crashed by a group of villains, only a few potential members remained. Gar finally agreed to have the team re-form, and Titans West was re-dubbed Titans L.A. But Titans LA was short-lived; Eventually, the new West Coast group of Titans dissolved before it even truly began.

Essential Reading

Beast Boy #1-4 [2000]: Gar meets his cousin Matt.
Titans Secret Files #2 [2000]: Matt took it upon himself to hold a membership drive for an all new Titans West (the membership drive quickly devolved into a keg party).
Titans Annual #1 [2000]: Beast Boy and Flamebird encounter ancient evil in the Land of the Rising Sun, and meet Japan’s new defender, the warrior called Bushido. 

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