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Mas Y Menos

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Mas Y Menos are a pair of hyper-active high-speed twins. When connected by holding hands, the Spanish-speaking heroes can reach super-sonic speeds! But knock them apart, and they are just normal teenage boys. “Mas Y Menos” – which translates as “more and less” – is an apt description for the super-speedy siblings.

Mas Y Menos joined Bumblebee, Speedy and Aqualad and formed a new Titans team – called Titans East – to take down Brother Blood. Speaking only Spanish, understanding the twins is sometimes a challenge to their Titans teammates. Following Blood’s defeat at the hands of Cyborg, Titans East decided to remain a team and fight crime in Steel City.

Titans East volunteered to look after Titans Tower while the Titans chased the Brotherhood of Evil around the globe. At first greeted as Titans wannabes, the East Coast team eventually earned the trust of Jump City after publicly defeating Control Freak.

When Robin was abducted by the Brotherhood, it was up to Beast Boy to save his captured teammates. Gathering new allies Jericho, Herald, Pantha and Mas, Beast Boy successfully led an assault team to liberate the Titans and defeat the Brotherhood once and for all. Mas was at last reunited with his brother, Menos. Together, the tornado twins helped defeat the Brotherhood of Evil.

  • The Titans have a history of sibling heroes [Hawk & Dove, Thunder & Lightning] as well as super-speedsters [Kid Flash, Jesse Quick, Impulse/Kid Flash II]

Producer David Slack on Mas Y Menos: “Then Mas Y Menos developed from wanting to a speedster character. But we didn’t just want to do another version of Kid Flash. Then Sam [Register] and Glen [Murakami] thought of this idea of a binary Flash. They can go really fast, but only when they’re touching. They’re kind of like circus acrobats. If they grab hands, zoom! If they get knocked apart, they’re just a couple of kids.”

“So then I said the sentence I may regret for the rest of my life. I said, “OK, but only if they just speak Spanish.” [laughs]. It was a really fun idea but ended up being difficult to do. I don’t know that we’d want to do a whole episode with them…. but we got a little bilingual in the show. I speak decent Spanish, but Alex Soto – our director, speaks fluent Spanish. So he was correcting my terrible translation. So they’re kind of a cross between Flash and the Wonder Twins. That’s really something that Sam, Glen and the whole group cooked up. the great thing about TITANS is that it’s really just a pot-luck. Everyone brings something.”

Mas Y Menos were created for the animated series, and are not characters from the comic book series. They were later introduced as Titans in Teen Titans #38 in 2006.

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Freddy Rodríguez (the voice of Mas Y Menos)
Freddy Rodriguez provides the voices of twin speedsters Mas Y Menos. Freddy is familiar to viewers of HBO’s “Six Feet Under” – where he played the role of Federico Diaz. He also had a recurring role as Mark Espinosa [Carla’s brother] on NBC’s “Scrubs.”

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