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Ancient Secrets

Magala claimed without substantiation that her soul was the first to be plucked from the Well of Souls by the goddesses of Mount Olympus and recreated as an Amazon. Consequently, she bore the features of a more primitive woman who existed forty thousand years in the past and stood apart from the warrior women who were subsequently reborn with more modern facial characteristics.

The sorceress found a kindred spirit in Queen Hippolyta’s daughter Princess Diana. Like Magala, the girl stood apart from her Amazon sisters by not sharing their millennia-long history. Sensing Diana’s loneliness, the sorceress cast a spell that took a small portion of the girl’s soul and created a living mirror image whom she could have as a friend and companion.

According to Dark Angel, this playmate was kidnapped by her and sent through various tragic lifetimes. The evil sorceress claims this magical doppelganger became much stronger as a result – establishing her own soul and identity – as Donna Troy.

Dark Angel’s version of Donna Troy’s past – from WONDER WOMAN #136 [1998].

Dark Angel ‘s pronouncements have come into question, as she herself has been revealed an evil alternate-reality version of Donna Troy. Her obsessions and blind hatred could very well have driven her to madness. As such, her recollections and ramblings cannot be trusted – as she may be misremembering realities throughout the multiverse, ¬†or just trying to torture Donna through trickery. Although Magala may have once created a magical playmate for Diana, we only have Dark Angel’s word that the mystical twin later became Donna Troy.

Ariadne Undone

Years later, the enchantress Circe transported the savage Amazons Of Bana-Mighdall to Themyscira to fight their lost sisters and then thrust the entire island into a hellish alternate dimension. Circe discovered that Magala had died unnoticed while casting a spell, taking all her mysterious secrets to her grave.

Circe seized Magala’s death as an opportunity to revive the Amazon Ariadne, who had killed Hippolyta’s sister only to later perish herself. Circe placed Ariadne’s embittered spirit in Magala’s frail form, allowing the evil Amazon to secretly incite a civil war between two tribes of Amazons. “Magala” was finally revealed as Ariadne – and it became clear she had orchestrated the events that led to the Amazonian infighting. As her treachery was revealed, Ariadne was killed by Fury.


Essential Reading

Wonder Woman #131-136 [1998]: Donna Troy is erased from existence by the evil Dark Angel. As Flash and Wonder Woman race to restore the Donna Troy they knew, Donna’s true origin is revealed: Magala created a mystical twin as a playmate for Princess Diana; Dark Angel abducted the twin and cursed her to live multiple tragic lives, one of which as Donna Troy [Wonder Girl]. Donna defeats Dark Angel and is restored through Flash’s memories and Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth. First appearance of Dark Angel in issue #131. Origins of Donna Troy and Dark Angel revealed in this story.
Wonder Woman Secret Files #2 [1999]:
Featuring “Who is Troia”, a 6-page story by Devin Grayson and Phil Jimenez. This is the definitive Donna origin story. Donna is made a full-fledged amazon.
Wonder Woman #168-169 [2001]: The two tribes of Amazons that live on Themyscira have their allegiance tested as their differences come to a head, and a civil war is inevitable. Magala is revealed to have orchestrated the events, inciting the war on both sides. Magala revealed to have died long ago, replaced with Ariadne. Paradise Island monarchy is abolished.


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