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Lord Chaos

Alias: Robert Long

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A World In Chaos

In an alternate future, the world was ruled by a cruel and barbarous demigod with powers from beyond the stars. It all began when Donna Troy, who was gifted with godlike powers, gave birth to a son. Her child was born completely sentient. Driven mad, the godling instantly aged himself and killed his mother. Over the next few years, Chaos’ power spread. Slowly and effectively, he conquered the world.

Chaos created an army of storm troopers whom he dubbed his Force Elite. They kept control of Chaos’ world – enslaving or killing all who would oppose him. He crushed any resistance and created a food additive called numb dust, which drugged the worlds’ population into submission. Only Chaos would soon discover that the same dust would have an unexpected consequence: It produced altered hormones, so one in every million babies was born with a meta-gene.

Chaos panicked over the thought of super-powered enemies. So the children were taken from their parents and raised by his scientists to fight for him against everyone else. Only one force of rebellion stood a threat against him: The Team Titans. Inspired by the legend of the Titans, a mysterious leader led a group of rebels to oppose Lord Chaos.

ABOVE: Lord Chaos learns of the Team Titans plan to
assassinate Donna Troy in NEW TITANS #80 [1991].
BELOW: Lord Chaos swears to slay his enemies in NEW TITANS #86 [1992].


Total Chaos

Shortly thereafter, the Team Titans’ leader gave one of his super-powered squads a critical mission. Mirage, Killowat, Dagon, Terra, Redwing and Prester Jon were sent back to Earth’s past to find Lord Chaos’ mother – Donna Troy of the New Titans – and slay her before she bore her demonic son.

Total turmoil soon erupted, as Lord Chaos arrived in the present to insure his own future. Chaos enabled his own birth in the past by stalling the efforts of the New Titans and Team Titans. Robert Long was born, and Chaos believed his victory was assured. However, the Titans of Myth intervened, and stripped the newborn of his godlike powers. They also absorbed Lord Chaos, the “false seed,” the child whose future should never have been.

Lord Chaos seeks to insure his own future in NEW TITANS #91 [1992].

Powers & Abilities

Lord Chaos possesses vast godlike powers, including powerful fire-blasts, flight and teleportation, as well as unbelievable strength and durability as well as immortality.


 Marv Wolfman on Lord Chaos

Marv Wolfman on “Total Chaos”: In it, one of the Titan gods’ “seeds” (beings given godlike powers but without memory of those powers origin, then returned to their home planets) somehow maintains the forbidden memory and goes totally crazy. “The memories of all the others were removed,” says Wolfman. “This is what I mean by picking a thread from the past and using it in the present. Donna was converted into a god by these Titan gods, and very clearly established that if they had maintained their memories, they would go crazy.”

“Now, she’s having a baby. All the power of the gods is inside her – she has been trained to use the power well, but the baby has no such training. The power of the gods enters the baby, which instantly ages itself and is totally mad. Now, it’s back in the past. His goal is to preserve Troia, his mother, until she actually gives birth, and then kill her. The Teen Titans are assigned to destroy her before she can give birth, and our Titans, in a sense, have to take the side of the mad god who’s going to destroy their entire planet later, because they must preserve her. That’s our next storyline, which eventually leads to the Teen Titans’ own book next May or June.”


Essential Reading

New Titans Annual #7 and New Titans #80 [1991]: Waverider leaves an unconscious Nightwing to meet Joe Wilson, while in the future, the Team Titans the mysterious leader details his plans to them on how they will go back in time to eliminate Donna Troy before she can give birth to her son, who will turn out to be Lord Chaos. Lord Chaos vows to follow them to the past and insure his future. First appearance of Lord Chaos in New Titans Annual #7.
Total Chaos: New Titans #90-92, Team Titans #1-3, Deathstroke #14-16 [1992]: The Team Titans have been sent to the past to kill the pregnant Troia before she gives birth to her son, who could become a god-powered dictator named Lord Chaos in the future. The Team is defeated, and Troia, having lost her powers, gives birth to a normal baby boy. Mirage of the Team Titans kidnaps Starfire and impersonates her so that she can date Nightwing. Birth of Robert Troy Long. Lord Chaos is defeated in Team Titans #3.


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