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Lillian “Sweet Lili” Worth

Rose Wilson’s Mother

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Tough Love

Her father’s father was third brother to the king. But Princess Lillian “Sweet Lili” Worth’s life fell in ruins after her kingdom was destroyed by a war in the Far East. This left her people as little more than slaves to the Khmer Rouge.

A few years after his divorce from Adeline Kane, Slade Wilson accepted a search and rescue freelance job in the Orient. The mission was simple enough to Slade: The Khmer Rouge were holding prisoner a Cambodian princess in the Siem Pang Wat. The plan was to bring her from war-torn Cambodia across the border into Thailand, where she would be free from her oppressive captors. Slade successfully freed “Sweet Lili” and her girls, and the group headed into the jungle to avoid the patrols.

ABOVE: Deathstroke rescues Lili, as detailed in DEATHSTROKE #15 [1992].
BELOW: Rose’s early years, in TEEN TITANS #1/2 [2004].


Expecting Lili to be a woman of privilege, Slade was both surprised and impressed by her resilience. The Khmer Rouge later gunned down the entire rescue team, killing Lili’s girls in the crossfire. Slade himself was injured and feverish from a gunshot wound, which Lili helped heal with local herbs. In the week it took for Slade’s fever to break, Lili defended them from snakes and insects – and even stray Rogue soldiers. During their intense journey to Thailand, Slade and Lili became lovers.

Slade and Lili remained in contact through the years, embarking an an on/off love affair whenever their paths crossed. During one of their trysts, Slade impregnated Lili, who later gave birth to Rose Worth. Lili kept Rose a secret from Slade, rationalizing it was in the child’s best interest to do so.

Wintergreen meets Rose Wilson and suspects
Slade is her father in DEATHSTROKE #15 [1992].

Lili eventually settled outside New York City, where she established a brothel and lived in luxury. Protected from the outside world, their lavish living space could only be accessed through an intricate system of underground tunnels beneath the city. Lili took good care of the girls in her employ, and raised Rose there as well. Despite the environment, Rose was raised with other children her age and was schooled by private tutors. She not only received a exemplary upbringing, but was also taught by her mother how to defend herself.

The End Of The Road

When Slade was injured and on the lam from the law, Lili took him in and nursed his wounds. It was at this time that Wintergreen first met fourteen year old Rose Wilson and suspected Slade was her father.

Meanwhile, Slade Wilson’s murderous half-brother, Wade DeFarge, co-opted the Ravager identity and began to hunt Slade’s friends and loved ones. Ravager abducted Rose Worth when he discovered her connection to Slade. As DeFarge tortured Rose, he also revealed to her that Slade Wilson was her father.

Wintergreen and Lili launched a rescue attempt to extract Rose from DeFarge’s captivity. Eventually, Lili and Wintergreen reached their quarry in the snow-covered wilderness. To save her daughter, Lili attempted to run over Ravager – causing her jeep to careen off a cliff and explode. Lili was presumed dead, but her body was never recovered.

Rose still wears her mother’s Cambodian necklace as a reminder of their bond.

ABOVE: Lili seemingly dies while protecting her daughter in DEATHSTROKE #45 [1995].
BELOW: Rose vows to find her mother’s body in DEATHSTROKE #46 [1995]. 

A New Hope

During the cosmic event known as The Blackest Night, the dead were imbued with Black Lantern energy and proceeded to attack and torment the living. Slade and Rose Wilson were forced to team up in an effort to stave off the zombie incursion. In the wake of this morbid encounter, Ravager became convinced Sweet Lili was still alive – since she was the one family connection that did not return as a Black Lantern. Armed with this knowledge, Rose Wilson has vowed to find her missing mother.


Essential Reading

Deathstroke #15 [1992]: Part of the 9-part TOTAL CHAOS storyline. When Slade is injured and on the lam from the law, Sweet Lili takes him in and nurses his wounds. Sweet Lili relates her turbulent life story. It is at this time that Wintergreen meets Rose Wilson and suspects Slade is her father. First appearance of Rose Wilson. First appearance and history of Sweet Lili.
Deathstroke: The Hunted #42 [1994]: Slade awakens in the morgue [the first hints of his immortality] and battles Guy Gardner, Warrior. The mystery assailant attacks Wintergreen and steals his journal, learning Slade’s secrets. Slade encounters Sweet Lili and during the confusion, discovers her daughter, Rose, has been kidnapped by the mystery assailant [now calling himself the Ravager].
Deathstroke: The Hunted #43 [1995]: The Ravager holds Rose hostage & reveals Slade is her father. Sweet Lili and Wintergreen mount a rescue attempt. Addie Kane and Crimelord plot against Slade. Slade is hunted by Hawkman.
Deathstroke: The Hunted #44 [1995]: Sweet Lili & Wintergreen try to rescue Rose Wilson as she tries to escape on her own. As Slade once again awakens from death, he is attacked by Crimelord’s agents.
Deathstroke: The Hunted #45 [1995]: The Titans hunt and capture Deathstroke; Wintergreen rescues Rose Wilson but Sweet Lili [Rose’s mother] dies. Concludes the Hunted storyline. Death of Sweet Lili.
Teen Titans #1/2 [2004]: Deathstroke orchestrates events to bring Rose back into his life. Hiring Ravager III [Wade DeFarge] to hunt Rose so he can save her, he pushes her down a destructive path as his new apprentice. Rose’s first act as his new student is to slay the former Ravager, so she can become the new one. Origin of Rose Wilson as Ravager. Death of Wade DeFarge [Ravager III].
Teen Titans #77-78 [2009]: Ravager is forced to team up with Deatshtroke when they are both attacked by their dead friends and relatives – now risen as zombie Black Lanterns. Miraculously healed and seemingly sane, Jericho makes a surprising return to aid his family – and elects to remain at his father’s side. Ravager is convinced her mother is still alive, since she was the one family connection that did not return as a Black Lantern. With this new information, Rose Wilson vows to find her missing mother.

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