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First Look at Lilith Clay in the DCnU

Brett Booth gives us a sneak peek of Omen and Warblade on his blog, from TEEN TITANS ANNUAL #1:

Omen is also appearing in TEEN TITANS #8:

This “sadistic woman” seemed a far cry from our beloved go-go dancing teen psychic. So is this the DCnU version of Lilith? Yup, says Brett Booth: “Yes, Omen as in Lilith. ”

Some Titans fans wondered if Lilith was the mysterious character design by Ken Rocafort, with similarities in the feather-motif and boot design:

While other fans wondered if the above design was meant to be Raven, as she was originally going to appear in the series at this time. Here’s Scott Lodbell, from a Comic Vine interview:

CV: And Raven? A few months ago you mentioned she’d be in the books right about now. Can we assume the crossover has delayed her arrival?

SL: Something delayed her, but it wasn’t the crossover! It turns out DC has much bigger plans in store for the character and when you hear what they are you’ll understand why she’s too big for our little book!

But Brett Booth cleared it all up on his blog: “And as far as I know that image isn’t being used, and that wasn’t Omen. I did love that design though. Go look up that image again, the only thing they have in common are the feathers. WHich Omen has for a reason, since she’s teamed up with Harvest from TT7:)”

On another note…  wasn’t Lilith name-dropped in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #1?

Poster Taylan inquired: “I’m so happy that Lilith is returning :D i have to ask, are her eyes missing? will she get them back if they are? She is a former titan still because didn’t Roy ask Starfire is she remembered Lilith, and others from the team :) right? aah so many questions, but so excited to see her return! ”

And Brett responded: “Yes, and I have no idea what the future hold for her eye. Maybe? It would depend on the writer and what they want, and what editorial approves:) I have no idea if she’s a former TT, none of the current kids would know her… but who knows at this point:) ”

Lots of mystery surrounding DCnU’s Lilith…. seems appropriate, given the character’s history!

So Titans fans…. what do you think of the new Lilith?

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  1. avatar

    Don’t even bother asking me anymore.

    With the exception of Bunker, Batwoman, the Supergirl book, and the upcoming Dial H series, I hate everything Titans related in the DCnU.

  2. avatar

    Oh, I HATE it.

    Lilith was one of my favorite Titans, and I liked the fact that she was one of the few characters who seemed to have her hand in most–if not all–incarnations of the team….but this?

    Ick. Just…ick.

  3. avatar

    The fact that Brett says “It depends on what EDITORIAL approves” worries me. Because as we all know, Editorial mandate never ends well, particularly for the Teen Titans.

    I’ve been hoping for years that Omen would come back… but seeing her like this and appearing as a villain character… Not exactly what I had in mind… Like everything else with the Teen Titans lately, I’ll give it a chance, but like much of the Teen Titans lately… I gotta be honest, I’ve REALLY be trying to like the new Teen Titans book. But truth be told… I’m not exactly loving it.

    Scott Lobell remains a favorite writer of mine and he’s doing his best with the book… But this just doesn’t feel like the Teen Titans. The team few direct connections to their “mentor” characters, they don’t seem to like each other, and I honestly have difficulty feeling invested in most of their stories.

    I mainly read the book because it has my favorite character Red Robin (Tim Drake) and like Jude, because of my love for Bunker. But even them aren’t making the book something I anxiously wait for like I used to before the reboot.

    • avatar

      Don’t get me wrong, I think Lobdell is a decent writer–but he is a seriously flawed one who has a history of going with ideas before he fully thinks them through. Over at Marvel, that got us the mess that was Onslaught…and I suspect that this version of the Titans is suffering from this weakness….and to be fair, the idea of making bright, sunny Lilith Clay a psychic vivisector sounds more like a DiDio thing (we are living in a world where I have to look at each writer’s output as ‘work he did for himself’ and ‘work he did for DiDio)…..

      • avatar

        I kinda disagree with you about Onlsaught at Marvel. That was actually one of my favorite crossovers. It was one of the last crossover that Marvel did that actually felt epic. It was still before all the character’s died every few weeks, and when the major cross-comic stories were a rare thing.

        But like you said, the whole evil Lilith has a stink of Didio more than Lobdell.

        I really don’t think its that Lobdell is suffering from going with ideas that aren’t thought through, but rather that he’s going with idea that DC then asks him to redo after they’ve already been implemented, forcing him to scramble to do a mid-story retcon.

  4. avatar

    I am glad DC is promoting her again. But if she is going to be successfull she needs to be appealing to all audiences, like in the 70’s and 80’s. She was just another teenage girl, but she would have to defeat the monster, and hopefully keep her hair in place

  5. tamaranorbust

    I think “DC is promoting her” is not the phrase I would use…