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Titans Hunt Era: Archives (1991-1995)


Titans Hunt Era: Archives

Archived: 1991-1995

Change was in the air. The “Titans Hunt” would provide major shake-ups with New Titans #71-84, resulting in an ever-changing status quo. The team said goodbye to old friends, as it welcomed edgy new members like Pantha, Phantasm, Wildebeest and Red Star.

Meanwhile, Deathstroke debuted in 1991 accompanied by eye-popping covers by Mike Zeck. Marv Wolfman wrote the title throughout the entire run. The series introduced readers to a tough female Vigilante, Slade’s long-lost daughter Rose Wilson and two new Ravagers. Deathstroke #55 attempted to spin the title in another direction, but the series was ultimately canceled with Deatshtroke #60.

Events became even more complicated when the time-tossed Team Titans from an alternate future emerged, and launched their own spin-off series, Team Titans, in 1993. Team Titans was written by Marv Wolfman and #1-3 featured art by Kevin Maguire. Later, art chores were assumed by Phil Jimenez with issue #7. Wolfman left the title with Team Titans #12 – leaving Phil Jimenez and Jeff Jensen to co-wrote the book until its cancellation with Team Titans #24.

The New Titans remained in flux until Arsenal assembled his own team of Titans after the Zero Hour time crisis, until the book’s final issue, New Titans #130.

From Titans Hunt to Zero Hour, this page contains information and magazine articles from 1991-1995.

Titans Hunt Era Articles & Information

>> Jonathan Peterson: New Directions For The New Titans: An interview by Bill Walko [from The Titans Companion, 2005]

>> Comics Scene #24 [1991]: “Of Titans & Terminators”: Titans Hunt Secrets Revealed! Marv talks about the Titans Hunt storyline & new direction for the book. “Of Titans & Terminators: Marv Wolfman Deals Out Surprise Fates & Deadly Futures.” [an article from Comics Scene #24, 1991]

>> Comics Scene #24 [1991]: “Deathstrokes”: Marv talks about launching Slade Wilson into his own series. “Deathstroke, the Terminator visits Gotham City How long will he stay? That’s up to the Batman – and Marv Wolfman.” [an article from Comics Scene #24, 1991]

>> Rob Liefeld’s Titans Series: Learn about Rob’s Titans’ pitch that turned into YOUNGBLOOD! [an article from Comic Scene #25, 1992]

>> The Kesels on Hawk & Dove II : Learn how the Kesels revamped Hawk & Dove with Hank Hall and Dawn Granger!

After Titans Hunt: Changes and Team Titans

>> Comics Scene Yearbook 1 [1992] : “Teeming with heroes, Marv Wolfman introduces a legion of new (& old) Titans” Marv talks about TOTAL CHAOS and launching Team Titans. [from Comics Scene Magazine Yearbook: Volume 1, 1992]

>> Wizard #25 [1993]: “Teen Scenes”: “Titanic Changes Are In Store For Team Titans and New Titans” – Marv Wolfman, Phil Jimenez and Editor Rob Simpson talk about New Titans and Team Titans. An Article from Wizard #25 [September 1993]

>> Nightwing Mini Series by Art Thibert: Back in 1991, Titans Central was planning a Nightwing Mini-Series with Art Thibert…

>> Team Titans Redux: Phil Jimenez speaks about his plans for Team Titans… and why they didn’t happen.

>> Team Titans FAQ: Who was SUPPOSED to be the Team Titans Leader? Who was Kole in TEAM TITANS? How did Duela Dent appear and why? Learn all the answers to the frequently asked questions…

Zero Hour and The End

>> Titans and Deathstroke at Zero Hour: from Wizard Press Presents: Beyond Zero Hour: Plans for New Titans and Deathstroke. Plus, editor Pat Garrahy talks about the new post-Zero Hour team.

>> Marv Wolfman: New Titans, New Faces And The End Of An Era: Marv talks about the Zero Hour team – An interview from The Titans Companion, 2005

>> Marv on Wrapping Up His Titans Run: Marv Wolfman talks about New Titans #127-130 and how he wanted to end the series. Plus, see some ideas Marv had that never made it to print.

>> Marv Wolfman Interview: Marv talks about his Titans run, Titans Hunt & Beyond! Titans Tower EXCLUSIVE!

>> Marv Reflects on Titans: Read Marv’s column from where he looks back on his Titans run;  plus, interview excerpts from sequential tart and more!

Creators On Flash

>> Speed Reading: William Messner Loebs on Flash

>> Speed Reading: Mark Waid on Flash

Series Indexes and Overviews

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>> Team Titans (1992)

>> Deathstroke (1991)

>> Damage (1994)

>> Flash (1987)

>> Hawk & Dove II (1989)