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Titans: DCnU Archives (2011-present)


Teen Titans: DCnU Archives

Archived: 2011-present

DC Comics relaunched their entire comic book line in September of 2011, completely reconfiguring the established history of the Teen Titans.

In the wake of this new era, Red Robin teamed with Superboy, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash to galvanize an exciting new super team. Joined by three mysterious new members, the Teen Titans were reborn!

This page contains  articles and interviews from 2011-present.

The New 52: DC Comics Relaunch

>> DC Comics Announces Historic Renumbering of All Superhero Titles: From the Source blog; Tue, 05/31/2011 – 3:22pm.

>> DC Comics Unleashes a New Universe of Superhero Titles: A USA Today Article announcing the details of DC’s September relaunch.

>> Heroes Take Flight, Again: A New York Times Article reports DC’s impending relaunch; Published: August 30, 2011.

Teen Titans IV: Scott Lobdell Era 

>> Call It A Comeback: Lobdell Returns with DCnU’s TEEN TITANS: Newsarama talked — a lot — with Lobdell about his return to the forefront of mainstream comics.

>> Kids These Days: Brett Booth Talks DCnU Teen Titans Costumes: To find out more about the new costumes on Teen Titans and who these new characters are, Newsarama talked to Booth. Posted June 2011.

>> Lobdell Tackles DC Comics’ Teenaged Titans: As candid in his responses as he is creative in his dialogue, Lobdell shared his thoughts on his three latest assignments with CBR News, not only hinting at what’s to come but shedding light on where these superheroes have been. An Article by Jeffrey Renaud – Posted October 6th, 2011

>> Lobdell Builds Up Gay Teen With “Titans” Bunker: An Article by Kiel Phelgley – November 21st, 2011

>> Lobdell, DeFalco and Mackie Talk “The Culling”: With interviews from Newsarama  and Comic Book Resources, discussing the Superboy/Teen Titans/Legion Lost crossover event!

>> Scott Lobdell: Comics Bulletin Interview: Interviewed by: Jason Sacks – Published date: May 12, 2012

Titans In The New 52

>> Dick Grayson Returns as Nightwing: IGN announces new Nightwing series and Red Hood & The Outlaws.

>> Kyle Higgins Reveals Nightwing’s New Direction: As well as Nightwing’s Ties to Babs & Slade; Articles from Comics Vine and Newsarama

>> Higgins Revives “Deathstroke”: And assures us the DCnU Deathstroke Will Be a Badass Again; Articles from Newsarama and Comic Book Resources

>> Rob Liefeld Goes Back to the Future for DCnU Hawk & Dove: As DC kicks off its 52 new #1 issues, one superstar artist is returning to the characters he helped develop for the publisher years ago. Posted June 2011.

>> Lobdell Goes for Redemption in DCnU RED HOOD & the OUTLAWS: Newsarama talked with Lobdell to find out more about the title and what readers can expect when these three characters end up working together in Red Hood and the Outlaws. Posted June 2011.

>> Scott Lobdell on Red Hood, Starfire, Sex & Gender Inequality: As DC is releasing Red Hood and the Outlaws #2 this week, Newsarama talked with Lobdell about all the attention his first issue got, what he thinks of Starfire, and what’s coming up in the series.

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