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Titans: Archives (1998-2003)


Titans Era: Archives

Archived: 1998-2003

Readers demanded the return of the original members of the team, and DC Comics obliged with Titans #1 in March 1999. United after the JLA/Titans mini-series, the core five Titans were joined by Cyborg, Starfire, Argent, Damage and Jesse Quick. Written by Devin Grayson and later, Jay Faerber, the series featured art by Buckingham, Pelletier and Kitson. The title lasted a total of 50 issues before DC decided to reinvent the Teen Titans once again.

From Titans’ reunions to Titans L.A., this page contains information, magazine articles and online postings from 1998-2003.

Titans: Devin Grayson Era

>> Devin Grayson on Titans: Grayson’s Titanic Plans: Courtesy of – Comic Wire by Beau Yarbrough posted July 13, 1998

>> Wizard #88: Devin talks Titans: Devin Grayson Interview, 1998: Devin talks about Catwoman, Titans, and being a woman writing comics

>> A TTalk Interview with Devin Grayson: An extensive interview originally appeared in TitanTalk

>> Devin Grayson Discusses TITANS Departure: An article posted Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Titans: Jay Faerber Era

>> Jay Faerber’s Original Titans Proposal: See Jay’s original proposal for TITANS.. with an alternate Epsilon storyline and No D.E.O. kids.

>> Jay Faerber on Titans: Interview: Jay talks about taking over Titans from Devin Grayson; by Bryan Cairns webdate: 07/17/2000 – courtesy of

>> “Who Is Troia”: Titanic 25th Anniversary! – Article courtesy of: Comic Shop News Insider

>> Jay Faerber: Titans Tease: Courtesy of Jay Faerber shares his plans for Titans

>> 10 Questions with Jay Faerber: A exclusive! Ten questions with Jay Faerber

>> Jay Faerber on Titans: Comics Wire News Items: Info courtesy of, Comic Wire by Beau Yarbrough

>> Jay Faerber on Leaving Titans: By michaeldoran – 11-22-2001 –

>> Jay’s Titans Departure:  from an Interview by Zack Smith []

>> A Noble Titan: Jay Faerber Talks ‘TITANS,’ ‘NOBLE CAUSES’: by Jonah Weiland – January 24, 2002 – courtesy of

>> From Central City to Titans Tower: Paul Pelletier Looks To The Future: Courtesy of – Comic Wire by Beau Yarbrough posted March 2, 2000

Titans: Barry Kiston and Tom Peyer Era

>> The Not-So-Teen Titan: Barry Kitson Talks TITANS: By Arune Singh, Staff Writer posted: May 31, 2002 – courtesy of

>> The Barry Kitson Interview: Sharing The Enthusiasm: Interview by Matt Trevino & Kip Speer – March 31st, 2002 courtesy of

>> The Barry Kitson Looks Back: Barry Kitson’s New Empire: Barry talks Titans art and leaving the title.

>> Kitson & Peyer Titans Soundbytes: From the DC Message Boards… read Kitson’s plans for TITANS

Titans L.A.: Geoff Johns and Ben Raab

>> Geoff Johns & Ben Raab: Beast Boy & Titans L.A. Plans: Geoff Johns and Ben Raab talk about the Beast Boy mini-series and plans for the never-produced Titans L.A. mini-series

>> 10 Questions with Geoff Johns: A exclusive! Ten questions with Geoff Johns: Geoff talks about FLASH, BEAST BOY and TITANS LA!

Phil Jimenez on Tempest, Troia & Titans

>> Interview with Phil Jimenez: by Derek McCaw – August 2001 – courtesy of

>> The Art of Design: Phil Jimenez: Phil talks about his career – and Donna Troy, Tempest, Titans and more! Interview by Katherine Keller – January 1999 – courtesy of

>> Phil’s Paradise: Phil Jimenez on Wonder Woman: Phil talks about Wonder Woman, Troia and Wonder Girl; by Tracy Paddock – 2001- courtesy of

Nightwing: Chuck Dixon Era

>> Wizard #72 [Nightwing issue, October 1997]: Chuck Dixon Interview; ‘From out of the shadow of the Bat, Dick Grayson flies on his own as Nightwing’ by Scott Brick

>> Nightwing Flies Solo: Chuck Dixon on writing Nightwing [Wizard Batman Special, 1998]

Creators On Flash

>> Speed Reading: Mark Waid on Flash

>> Speed Reading: Geoff Johns on Flash

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