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Teen Titans: Next Generation Archives (2003-2011)


Teen Titans Era: Next Generation Archives

Archived: 2003-2011

Teen Titans was reimaged by the creative team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Mike McKone. Deciding the next generation of super-heroes needed a place to go, Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy created a new Titans Tower headquarters in San Francisco. Joined by Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl  and Kid Flash, they became the latest version of Teen Titans! The membership  evolved over time, but Titans Tower itself remained a destination for young heroes-in-training.

Meanwhile, writer Judd Winick along with artist Ian Churchill launched the classic Wolfman/Pérez Titans roster out of a Teen Titans East Special one-shot in November and into the ongoing series simply titled Titans in April of 2008. Nightwing, Starfire, Flash, Red Arrow, Cyborg, Raven, Donna Troy and Beast Boy were together again for the first time, as they say. The book received a shocking change in direction when Deathstroke usurped the Titans’ name and formed a villains-for-hire team

From the original Titans to a bold new generation of Teen Titans, this page contains  articles and interviews from 2003-2011.

Teen Titans & Outsiders Launch

>> Childhood’s End: Peter David on the End of Young Justice: News article courtesy of Newsarama posted November 22, 2002

>> DC Comics Announces Teen Titans & Outsiders for 2003: News articles courtesy of Newsarama and Comics Continuum [october 2002]

>> Judd Winick Talks OUTSIDERS Relaunch: News articles courtesy of [november 2002]

>> Inside the Outsiders with Judd Winick: Courtesy of posted May, 2003

>> OUTSIDERS and GRADUATION DAYS: Judd Winick: News articles courtesy of [november 2002]

>> With Cap and Gown: Ale Garza Talks GRADUATION DAY: Article by MattBrady – courtesy of – posted May 14, 2003.

Teen Titans: Geoff Johns & Mike McKone Era

>> Titans Together! Geoff Johns Talks About TEEN TITANS: News articles courtesy of comicswire [november 2002]

>> Dressed To Kill: Mike McKone’s Teen Titans Designs: DC offers a sneak peek at Mike McKone’s new Teen Titans Designs from Wizard #139 – April 2003

>> Titans and Johns Together! Geoff Johns Talks TEEN TITANS: Geoff Johns talks about launching the Teen Titans! An article by Alex Segura Jr. coutesy of posted May, 2003.

>> Titans Together: Geoff Johns & Mike McKone Talk TEEN TITANS: Geoff Johns & Mike McKone talk about launching the Teen Titans! By Arune Singh, Staff Writer Posted: May 6, 2003 courtesy of

>> Wizard #143: TEEN PHENOMS: An article by Richard Ho from Wizard #143 – August 2003. Wizard files a scouting report on the new TEEN TITANS roster, with help from Geoff Johns.

>> The Cotton Club: Towering Titans: Geoff Johns talks about launching the Teen Titans! A Geoff Johns interview by Mike Cotton – courtesy of – July 2003

>> Geoff Johns Comixtreme Interview: Geoff Johns talks about launching the Teen Titans! – an interview by Andrew Hein – courtesy of

>> Geoff Johns on Superboy: By Arune Singh, Staff Writer – Posted: April 7, 2004 – courtesy of

>> Talking Titans With Geoff Johns: Geoff Johns reflects on his first year of Titans and looks toward year two! By Matt Brady – Posted: 8-04-2004 – courtesy of

>> Mike McKone’s Take On Teen Titans: Mike McKone reflects on his first year of Titans and looks to tomorrow… Titans Tomorrow! Jennifer M. Contino – courtesy of

>> A New Legacy Taking Flight: Simone Talks “Teen Titans”: Gail Simone talks about her Hawk & Dove arc in Teen Titans #27-28. By Dave Richards, Staff Writer – Posted: May 31, 2005 – courtesy of

>> Liefeld Talks Titans: Rob Liefeld talks about his Hawk & Dove arc in Teen Titans #27-28. By MattBrady – 04-28-2005 – courtesy of

>> Liefeld’s Teen Titans Talk: Rob Liefeld talks about his Hawk & Dove arc in Teen Titans #27-28 – and Titans East? By Jennifer M. Contino – 09-30-2005 – courtesy of

>> Rob Liefeld’s Journal: “Titans Talk”: Rob Liefeld talks returning Hawk & Dove in Teen Titans #27-28 – and whatever happened to his Titans East? By Jennifer M. Contino – 09-30-2005 – courtesy of

>> Catching Up With Todd Nauck: Todd Nauck talks about his work on Teen Titans #32-33. By Benjamin Ong Pang Kean – 03-07-2006 – courtesy of

Teen Titans: Geoff Johns & Tony Daniel Era

>> Geoff Johns Writer’s Workshop: Rewriting, Part I: ‘Infinite Crisis’ #4: By Geoff Johns – Posted August 8, 2006 10:40 AM at

>> Eddie Berganza Debriefs on Teen Titans and One Year Later : January 2006 – courtesy of

>> Teen Titans: One Year Different: Geoff Johns talks about the Teen Titans “One Year Leap”. By Matt Brady – posted 06-05-2006 – courtesy of

>> Drawing Things Together One Year Later: Daniel Talks “Teen Titans”: Tony Daniel talks about the Teen Titans and their “One Year Leap”. By Dave Richards, Staff Writer – Posted: March 30, 2006 –

>> A Titan of an Artist: Tony Daniel Talks Teen Titans: Tony Daniel talks about the Teen Titans and their “One Year Leap” by Vaneta Rogers – posted 08-27-2006 – courtesy of

>> Geoff Johns on Titans East : Deathstroke’s Dossier: Meet Deathstroke’s new shock troops: Titans East! By Ben Morse & Geoff Johns – Originally published in Wizard Magazine #180 [2006]; Geoff Johns offers details on Deathstroke’s Titans East, who aim to put the hurt on the Teen Titans. By Matt Powell – Posted December 19, 2006 6:45 PM at

>> Geoff Johns & Tony Daniel Exit Teen Titans: By Geoff Johns – courtesy of – 01-31-2007, 02:59 PM

>> Geoff Johns: Graduation Day : Geoff Johns explains why he’s leaving as he remembers favorite moments and characters; By Ben Morse – Posted February 1, 2007 – at

>> A Titan Looks Back: Geoff Johns on Leaving Teen Titans: By Vaneta Rogers – courtesy of – 02-01-2007

Teen Titans: Adam Beechen Era

>> Titan Talk with Adam Beechen: Adam Beechen talks about taking the writing reigns from Geoff Johns; by Matt Brady – 02-01-2007 – courtesy of

>> Adam Beechen: A New Titan In Town: Broken Frontier speaks to the new Titans scribe to find out what he’s got planned… by Frederik Hautain, posted February 02, 2007 – courtesy of

>> Reflections: Talking All Things DC With Adam Beechen: Beechen took some time to talk about “Countdown” and leaving “Robin” (rejoice, Cassandra Cain lovers!). By Robert Taylor, Staff Writer – Posted: April 29, 2007 –

>> Adam Beechen’s Summer Preview: SUMMER PREVIEW: HIGH FIVE: get the summer lowdown on comics’ biggest teen hero titles; By Kevin Mahadeo – from – Posted May 22, 2007 3:25 PM

>> Adventures in Interviewing: Adam Beechen: Adam tales about his departure from Teen Titans and his work on Robin. Written by Doug Zawisza – – Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Teen Titans: Sean McKeever Era

>> Behind The Page: Sean McKeever: A look at Sean’s career leading up to Teen Titans; by Vaneta Rogers – courtesy of – posted 08-29-2007

>> Geoff Welcomes Sean McKeever: Geoff gave a “Good Luck” to Sean on his comicbloc site.

>> Sean McKeever on Teen Titans #50: Sean talks about his debut issue with Teen Titas #50; by Vaneta Rogers – courtesy of – posted 07-11-2007

>>Sean McKeever Smells Teen Spirit in DC’s “Teen Titans”: Sean talks about his debut issue with Teen Titas #50; by Jeffrey Renaud, Staff Writer – Posted: August 22, 2007 – www.comicbookresources

>> Sean McKeever on the Teen Titans In His Future: Sean talks about his approach to Teen Titans; by Vaneta Rogers – courtesy of

>> Teen Titans Interview: A new creative team, a new era. We talk with Sean McKeever about his plans for the young heroes; by Dan Phillips – courtesy of – August 31, 2007

>> Ale Garza Takes On The Teen Titans: Ale talks about his brief Titans tenure and his departure; by Jennifer M. Contino – – posted 09-25-2007

>> Eddy Barrows Talks Titans : The new Teen Titans artist talks shop with Brazilian Blogger : Tarcísio of Torre Titã; from and Torre Titã – posted September 2007

>> Eddy Barrows: The Newest Titan: Teen Titans’ ongoing artist as it heads into the new year; by Vaneta Rogers – courtesy of – 12-22-2007

>> Sean McKeever: Who Are The Terror Titans?: Sean talks about the mysterious Terror Titans and issue #55 as a new beginning for the team ; by Vaneta Rogers- courtesy of – 01-23-2008

>> Didio: Editing the Teen Titans: Dan Didio talks about taking over editing the Teen Titans; by Matt Brady- courtesy of – 01-24-2008

>> MULTIVERSO DC: Exclusive interview with Jamal Igle: Jamal talks about his career, Firestorm, Nightwing and Teen Titans courtesy of – March 2008

>> Sean McKeever: Spending Time at The Tower: Sean talks about his Titans run, including all the missed opportunities and controversial decisions; a exclusive interview!

Titans: Judd Winick Era

>> Judd Winick on Titans East: Judd Winick discusses the all-new Titans East Special; by Troy Brownfield – courtesy of – posted July 2007

>> Titans Together: Judd Winick chats with Titans co-creator George Pérez: Judd Winick chats with Titans co-creator George Pérez and discusses the launch of his new Titans series. Moderated by Ben Morse – courtesy of – Posted September 30, 2007 (This article was also published in Wizard Magazine #193)

>> All Growed Up: “Titans” Drop The Teen With Winick: Judd Winick talks about launching “Titans”, by Jeffrey Renaud, Staff Writer; courtesy of – January 30th, 2008

Teen Titans: Felicia D. Henderson Era

>> Talking Teen Titans With Felicia D. Henderson: The new Teen Titans writer talks to Comic Book Resources

>> Henderson on Titans Exit and Static: CBR News checked in with Felicia D. Henderson to discuss her nine issues on the Teen Titans and also asked her a few questions about the forthcoming “Static” ongoing series.

Titans: Villains For Hire

>> Eric Wallace on Final Crisis: Ink and Titans #14: “Eric Wallace Dips His Pen in DC’s “Ink””; information courtesy of; July 14, 2009; from an Interview by Jeffrey Renaud

>> Eric Wallace’s Titanic Task: In his first interview about his new “Titans” assignment, Wallace talks to CBR News

>> Wallace Takes “Titans” Down A Dark Path: Kicking off with the recently announced “Titans: Villains For Hire” one-shot and then ricocheting into the ongoing series with issue #24, Wallace and artist Fabrizio Fiorentino will be bringing a series of hard edged twists to the Titans franchise.

>> Eric Wallace Discusses Osiris in Crisis: The Titans scribe discusses the return of Osiris; By Vaneta Rogers; posted: 30 April 2010 01:53 pm ET.

>> Eric Wallace’s All-New All-Bad Titans: Broken Frontier chats with new Titans writer Eric Wallace; information courtesy of; Posted by Andy Oliver on Jun 2, 2010

>> Wallace Writes the “Titans” of the DCU: Wallace took time out from writing his Titanic stories and spoke with CBR News about adding more Arsenal to the title, what the future holds for Osiris and the villains’ upcoming trip to Arkham Asylum.

>> Eric Wallace Talks Titans: A exclusive interview!

>> Deathstroke & Titans: Eye Toward THE METHUSELAH IMPERATIVE: Newsarama talked with Eric Wallace about what’s coming up in Titans, including the return of Jericho, the future of the Black Adam family, and the loss of Deathstroke’s other eye.

Teen Titans: JT Krul & Nicola Scott

>> JT Krul Talks Titans” Swimming With Sharks: has an interview with JT Krul, who is writing TITANS #15

>> Krul Talks Blackest Night: Titans: The writer talks about the three-issue Blackest Night series with Newsarama

>> An End to the Teen Titans’ Growing Pains?: A J.T. Krul interview with

>> Nicola Scott Talks Teen Titans: An interview with Newsarma

>> Comicvine interviews JT Krul: “We caught up with J.T. to discuss the exciting news and to find out what we can expect with his takeover of the series!”

>> J.T. Krul Talks Titans: A exclusive interview!

>> JTK Talks DC Exclusive and Wonder Girl: J.T. Krul told CBR News that he’s thrilled to be a part of the DCU; He also shared details about his forthcoming “Wonder Girl” one-shot, which features a new character named Solstice.

>> Nicola Scott: Robot 6 Interview: Robot 6′s Tim O’Shea sat down for a Q&A with the amazing Nicola Scott.

>> Krul and Scott Take “Teen Titans” Prime Time with #100: Krul and Scott told CBR News DCU’s September relaunch forced them to pick up the pace on a story arc that was planned to run much longer, but the two were extremely pleased with the final product of “Teen Titans” #100…

Creators On Nightwing

>> Grayson Writes Grayson: Speaking With Nightwing Writer Devin Grayson; courtesy of posted 11-25-2002

>> Devin Grayson: The Nightwing Crisis: Devin Grayson talks about her Nightwing run and exiting the series; by George A. Tramountanas – November 10, 2005 –

>> The Dawn of Nightwing: Dixon & Beatty on Nightwing: Year One; Nightwing #101 by Cliff Biggers – posted 10-26-2004 – courtesy of

>> The Death of Nightwing: Learn how Nightwing was almost killed during the Infinite Crisis…

>> Marv Wolfman: From ROBIN to NIGHTWING: Chronicling the Adventures of Dick Grayson. By Jennifer M. Contino – Thursday, October 19, 2006 – courtesy of

>> Marv Wolfman on Nightwing: By Matt Brady – 11-20-2006 – courtesy of

>> Jamal Igle Named New Nightwing Artist: By Matt Brady – 11-01-2006 – courtesy of

>> Peter Tomasi Talks Nightwing: Former Nightwing editor Peter Tomasi talks about taking over writing duties on Nightwing; courtesy of – 09-09-2007

Creators On Flash

>> Dan Didio on the New Flash Team: Didio talks about the relaunch of the Flash after the Infinite Crisis; January 2006 – courtesy of

>> Marc Guggenheim on Flash #13: Marc Guggenheim discusses how they planned Bart Allen’s death; by Matt Brady – courtesy of – posted 07-04-2007

>> Tony Daniel Talks Flash #13: Newsarama talked to Daniel about how he got involved in the death of Bart Allen; by Vaneta Rogers – courtesy of – June 2007

>> Mike Wieringo on the Death of Bart Allen: from the Official Webpage of Mike Wieringo at – Posted June 27, 2007

>> Bart Allen’s Life In The Fast Lane: A look at Bart Allen’s career – from impulsive teen to his tragic death as the Flash. By Michael Fitzgerald – Posted June 21, 2007 1:00 PM at

>> Mark Waid At The Starting Line: After twin shockers rock the world of the Flash, the writer speaks on his return to the Scarlet Speedster. By Kiel Phegley – Posted June 20, 2007 at

>> Waid Brings The Ultimate Fanboy Back To Flash: Mark Waid returns to the speedforce to bring Wally West back to where he belongs; by Jeffrey Renaud, Staff Writer – – Posted: August 14, 2007

>> Talking Flash With Mark Waid: Taking over the reins of the character again, we took a few minutes to get an idea on what we’ll be seeing in the book; by Vinnie Bartilucci – courtesy of – 09-04-2007

Creators on Tiny Titans

>> Art & Franco Talk Tiny Titans at DC: As the creators like to say, “they’re the same Titans you know and love, but they’re really, really little.”; by Vaneta Rogers – courtesy of – 08-27-2007

>> Tales of the Tiny Titans: The creators of ‘Patrick the Wolfboy’ jump headfirst into superhero territory for the Johnny DC line; By Kiel Phegley – Posted August 13, 2007 –

Titans Across the DCU

>> Mr. Jupiter: Countdown Mastermind?: Maxwell Lord took over Checkmate and killed Blue Beetle. But it was almost Mr. Jupiter!

>> Jimenez on the Return of Donna Troy: Phil Jimenez talks about the Return of Donna Troy and gives a “Post-Mortem” on the mini-series. MattBrady – 05-06-2005 – courtesy of

>> A Conversation with Phil Jimenez, artist/writer extraordinaire: Phil talks about his career in an extensive and insightful interview; by Robert Jones, Jr. – Winter 2005 – courtesy of

>> J Torres & Sanford Greene on Wonder Girl: Champion: The creators talk about the Wonder Girl: Champion mini series

>> Karl Kerschl on Teen Titans: Year One: Karl talks about the Teen Titans: Year One mini series

>> Teen Titans Lost Annual: The Swingin’ Elseworlds Special: by Jen Contadino: Take the original hep-cat responsible for those rockin’ teens called “Titans” Bob Haney, throw in two of comics mod artists Jay Stephens and Mike Allred, and the end result is going to be one classic creation!

>> Marv Wolfman & Damion Scott on DC Special: Raven Mini-Series: Writer Marv Wolfman and artist Damion Scott talk about teh Raven mini series

>> Mark Sable on DC Special: Cyborg Mini-Series: Writer Mark Sable Talks about the DC Special: Cyborg Mini-Series

>> Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray & Amanda Conner Talk Terra: The creators of the New Terra talk about her debut in Supergirl #12 and her mini-series

>> Teen Titans Live-Action Movie: A live action movie featuring the Teen Titans? It’s been in development since 2007.

Series Indexes and Overviews

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>> Teen Titans Go! (2003)

>> Tiny Titans (2008)

>> Nightwing (1996)

>> Flash (1987)

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