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Teen Titans: Early Archives (1965-1979)


Teen Titans:
The Early Archives

Archived: 1965-1979

Robin! Kid Flash! Aqualad! Wonder Girl! After their debut in the Brave and the Bold and Showcase, the Teen Titans were awarded their own series in 1966 and began their teen-oriented adventures, with artist Nick Cardy and writer, Bob Haney.

The series lasted 43 issues and was later briefly revived in the late seventies with Teen Titans #44-53, written by Bob Rozakis. In its last issue, Teen Titans #53, the origin of the Teen Titans was revealed at last, with Speedy as one of the founding five.

From Teen Titans to Titans West, this page contains articles from 1965-1979.

Titans Early Years: Articles & Information

>> Amazing Heroes: Teen Titans History : from Amazing Heroes #2, 1981 – An article by Tom Burkert

>> Comics Feature #19: “There Were Titans In Those Days” : Teen Titans. An article by David Kirk. [Comics Feature #19, 1982]

>> Best of Amazing Heroes #1: Dial H for HERO : [Best of Amazing Heroes #1, 1982]

>> Best of Amazing Heroes #1: A History of the Doom Patrol: [Best of Amazing Heroes #1, 1982]

>> Roy Harper: Teen Sidekick, Drug User: from various sources; Neal Adams and Denny O’Neil look back, plus an afterward by Green Arrow fan, John “Mikishawm” Wells

>> Hawk & Dove: Origins and Titans Connections: from Comic Book Artist Magazine #1 and #5 [1999 and 2000]: Steve Skeates, Dick Giordano and Carmine Infantino recall Hawk & Dove’s beginnings – plus, trace the duo’s Titans’ history and the mystery behind BRAVE AND THE BOLD #181

>> Battle Over Jericho: The Controversy Surrounding Teen Titans #20: The Teen Titans story that never saw print – featuring a Black Hero [Comic Book Artist Magazine #1, 2000]

>> Teen Titans #44 Letter Column: “That’s right, those terrific Junior super-heroes, the thunderous Teen Titans have returned from comic book limbo and will be featured in their very own book from now on.”

>> Teen Titans #53 Letter Column: “It is with regret that we announce this is the last issue of TEEN TITANS!”

>> Bob Rozakis’ Teen Titans Plans: What would have happened if TEEN TITANS wasn’t canceled in the 1970s? Find out here. Courtesy of; posted November 11, 2002

>> Bob Rozakis’ Unpublished Duela Dent Story: Bob Rozakis unearths an unpublished 8-page Harlequin script that was going to appear in VIXEN #2; Courtesy of; posted October 23, October 30, and Novemer 6, 2002

>> Bob Rozakis Interview: A interview exclusive!; posted March 24, 2003

Teen Titans: Nick Cardy

>> Art of Nick Cardy: Nick Cardy Talks Teen Titans & Aquaman: from “The Art of Nick Cardy” published in 1999

>> Nick Cardy and Marv Wolfman Talk Teen Titans: A transcript interview from the Comic Book Artist website

Series Indexes and Overviews

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