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Teen Titans: Atom’s Team Archives (1996-1998)


Teen Titans:
Atom’s Team Archives

Archived: 1996-1998

Attempting to relaunch the Teen Titans for the 90’s, Dan Jurgens masterminded the new team and lead characters, with George Pérez providing inks. The de-aged teenage Atom led a group of half-alien youths, including Argent, Risk, Joto and Prysm. Guided by mentor Loren Jupiter and Omen (Lilith Clay), the new team was later joined by Fringe and Captain Marvel, Jr. The new members failed to invigorate the title, which was canceled with Teen Titans #24.

This page contains information, articles and indexes for the Titans characters from 1996-1998.

Teen Titans: Dan Jurgens Era

>> Teen Titans in PREVIEWS: The original series description from PREVIEWS with art that was never published anywhere else.

>> Wizard #60: “Teen Spirit: Dan Jurgens on Teen Titans”: Dan Jurgens banks on a new generation of teen heroes to breathe Iife into his Teen Titans relaunch. A 1996 article – From Wizard #60 by Jack Curtin with John B. Lacey

>> Dan Jurgens AOL Chat on Teen Titans: Dan Jurgens chat on 8/26/96.

>> Comic Buyers Guide #1187, August 16, 1996: Jurgens and Pérez on Teen Titans

>> George Pérez Return to Comics and Teen Titans: “The Best of All Worlds: George Pérez” from COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE #86, #89, #90 and #94 by Bill Baker [2002] .

>> The Later Members: Captain Marvel, Jr. and Fringe: See how the later members were integrated into the series… and see how the ‘vote for a new member’ election fared!

Phil Jimenez on Tempest, Troia & Titans

>> The Art of Design: Phil Jimenez: Phil talks about his career – and Donna Troy, Tempest, Titans and more!  Interview by Katherine Keller – January 1999 – courtesy of

Nightwing: Chuck Dixon Era

>> Wizard #72 [Nightwing issue, October 1997]: Chuck Dixon Interview; ‘From out of the shadow of the Bat, Dick Grayson flies on his own as Nightwing’ by Scott Brick

>> Nightwing Flies Solo: Chuck Dixon on writing Nightwing [Wizard Batman Special, 1998]

Creators On Flash

>> Speed Reading: Mark Waid on Flash

Series Indexes and Overviews

>> Teen Titans v2 (1996-1998)

>> Nightwing (1996)

>> Flash (1987)