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Teen Titans: Series Indexes

Archived: 1965-present

Teen Titans Series Indexes

Teen Titans #1 [1966] to Teen Titans #53 [1978]

Robin! Kid Flash! Aqualad! Wonder Girl! After their debut in the Brave and the Bold and Showcase, the Teen Titans were awarded their own series in 1966 and began their teen-oriented adventures, with artist Nick Cardy and writer, Bob Haney. The series lasted 43 issues and was later briefly revived in the late seventies with Teen Titans #44-53, written by Bob Rozakis. In its last issue, Teen Titans #53, the origin of the Teen Titans was revealed at last, with Speedy as one of the founding five.

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New Teen Titans #1 [1980] to 40 [1984]

Tales of the Teen Titans #41 [1984] to 91 [1988]

Marv Wolfman and George Pérez breathed new life into the Titans franchise with New Teen Titans #1 in 1980. Robin, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash were joined by new arrivals: Raven, Starfire, Cyborg and Changeling. The classic run culminated with “The Judas Contact” storyline in Tales of the Teen Titans #42-44 & Annual #3. After Tales #59, the title featured reprints of the deluxe New Teen Titans (second series).

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New Teen Titans #1 [1984] to 49 [1989]

New Titans #50 [1989] to 130 [1996]

Marv Wolfman and George Pérez launched the Titans into a new series with better quality printing and slicker paper. With New Titans #50, the title change reflected its maturing cast. The “Titans Hunt” would provide major shake-ups with New Titans #71-84, resulting in an ever-changing status quo until the book’s final issue, New Titans #130. Wolfman wrote the entire run with art by Pérez, Gacria-Lopez, Baretto, Grummmett, Jaaska & Rosado.

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Teen Titans Spotlight On: #1 [1986] to #21 [1988]

In the 1980s, The Teen Titans became DC’s hottest property, rivaling Marvel’s X-Men in popularity with fans. Attempting to capitalize on this success, DC launched a spin-off title – Teen Titans Spotlight On: – which featured Titans characters and their supporting cast in solo stories. Teen Titans Spotlight On: lasted 21 issues before its cancellation in 1988.

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Deathstroke #1 [1991] to Deathstroke #60 [1996]

Based on the popularity of Marvel’s Punisher, DC Comics decided to launch the Titans’ tough mercenary into his own title. Deathstroke debuted in 1991 accompanied by eye-popping covers by Mike Zeck. Marv Wolfman wrote the title throughout the entire run. The series introduced readers to a tough female Vigilante, Slade’s long-lost daughter Rose Wilson and two new Ravagers. Deathstroke #55 attempted to spin the title in another direction, but the series was ultimately canceled with Deatshtroke #60.

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Team Titans #1 [1992] to Team Titans #24 [1994]

New Titans #79 introduced the Team Titans, a group of time-tossed teenagers from a bleak future ruled by Lord Chaos. The characters were launched into their own series with Team Titans #1, part of a nine-part storyline called “Total Chaos.” Team Titans was written by Marv Wolfman and #1-3 featured art by Kevin Maguire. Later, art chores were assumed by Phil Jimenez with issue #7. Wolfman left the title with Team Titans #12 – leaving Phil Jimenez and Jeff Jensen to co-wrote the book until its cancellation with Team Titans #24.

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Teen Titans #1 [1996] to Teen Titans #24 [1998]

Attempting to relaunch the Teen Titans for the 90’s, Dan Jurgens masterminded the new teaam and lead characters, with George Pérez providing inks. The de-aged teenage Atom led a group of half-alien youths, including Argent, Risk, Joto and Prysm. Guided by mentor Loren Jupiter and Omen (Lilith Clay), the new team was later joined by Fringe and Captain Marvel, Jr. The new members failed to invigorate the title, which was canceled with Teen Titans #24.

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Titans #1 [1999] to Titans #50 [2003]

Readers demanded the return of the original members of the team, and DC Comics obliged with Titans #1 in March 1999. United after the JLA/Titans mini-series, the core five Titans were joined by Cyborg, Starfire, Argent, Damage and Jesse Quick. Written by Devin Grayson and later, Jay Faerber, the series featured art by Buckingham, Pelletier and Kitson. The title lasted a total of 50 issues before DC decided to reinvent the Teen Titans once again.

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Teen Titans #1 [2003] to Teen Titans #100 [2011]

Teen Titans was reimaged by the creative team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Mike McKone. Deciding the next generation of super-heroes needed a place to go, Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy created a new Titans Tower headquarters in San Francisco. Joined by Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl  and Kid Flash, they became the latest version of Teen Titans! The membership has evolved over time, but Titans Tower itself remains a destination for young heroes-in-training.

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Titans #1 [2008] to Titans #38 [2011]

Writer Judd Winick along with artist Ian Churchill lanched the classic Wolfman/Pérez Titans roster out of a Teen Titans East Special one-shot in November and into the ongoing series simply titled Titans in April of 2008. Nightwing, Starfire, Flash, Red Arrow, Cyborg, Raven, Donna Troy and Beast Boy were together again for the first time, as they say. The series received a bold new direction with Titans: Villains For Hire #1 and Titans #24, as Deathstroke usurped the Titans’ name and formed his own mercenary team comprised of Tattooed Man, Cinder, Osiris, Cheshire and later, Arsenal.

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Teen Titans #1 [2011] to present
DC Comics relaunched their entire comic book line in September of 2011, completely reconfiguring the established history of the Teen Titans. In the wake of this new era, Red Robin teamed with Superboy, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash to galvanize an exciting new super team. Joined by three mysterious new members, the Teen Titans were reborn!

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Teen Titans All-Ages Titles

Teen Titans Go! #1 [2003] to Teen Titans Go! #55 [2008]

Fighting for truth, justice and the last piece of pizza, the Teen Titans animated series debuted on Cartoon Network on Saturday, July 19, 2003. Capitalizing the show’s success, DC launched Teen Titans Go!, a new ongoing series written by J. Torres with art by Todd Nauck. Unable to drastically change the status quo while the show remained on the air, Teen Titans Go! was able to creatively expand upon the Teen Titans animated universe – even adding Wonder Girl with Teen Titans Go! #36.

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Tiny Titans #1 [2008] to Titans Titans #50 [2011]

As the creators like to say, “they’re the same Titans you know and love, but they’re really, really little.” Tiny Titans was launched in January, 2008 as part of DC’s new kids line. The series was co-created by Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani, best known for the humorous all-ages comic, Patrick the Wolf Boy. In Tiny Titans, the characters from the regular Teen Titans universe are portrayed as tiny children and deal with outrageous and fun situations in their schoolyard and classroom, or in the Titans treehouse.

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