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Archived: 1980-1990

Marv Wolfman and George Pérez breathed new life into the Titans franchise with New Teen Titans #1 in 1980. Robin, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash were joined by new arrivals: Raven, Starfire, Cyborg and Changeling. The classic run culminated with “The Judas Contact” storyline in Tales of the Teen Titans #42-44 & Annual #3. After Tales #59, the title featured reprints of the deluxe New Teen Titans (second series).

Wolfman and  Pérez launched the Titans into a new series with better quality printing and slicker paper in 1984. With New Titans #50, the title change reflected its maturing cast.

From New Teen Titans to New Titans, this page contains information and magazine articles from 1980-1990.

New Teen Titans: Marv Wolfman & George Pérez Era Articles & Interviews

>> New Teen Titans #1 Letter Column: “You Can Come Home Again” by Marv Wolfman.

>> New Teen Titans #2 Letter Column: “Second Chances” by Marv Wolfman.

>> Orion #2 [1981]: A rare British magazine; an interview with Marv Wolfman!

>> New Issue Club Express #117 [1982]: Marv & George give an exclusive 11 page interview to Lone Star Comics; includes Pérez Titans art published only here!

>> Comics Feature #19 [1982]: “It’s An Interview with George Pérez” contains a great interview with George Pérez on the New Teen Titans.

>> Comics Feature #19 [1982]: “There Were Titans In Those Days,” with a history of the team.

>> Comics Scene Magazine (v1) #7 [1983]: “The Ultimate Team Player” A look at the career and art of George Pérez By Robert Greenberger.

>> New Teen Titans Animated Series: Hanna-Barbera developed a Saturday morning Titans series in 1983, but it never made the airwaves– see the line-up and model sheet here.

>> Comics Journal #79: Marv Wolfman [1983]: An extensive interview with Marv Wolfman! Part One.

>> Comics Journal #80: Marv Wolfman [1983]: An extensive interview with Marv Wolfman! Part Two.

>> Amazing Heroes #50 [1984]: “SUBTLETY AND POWER: THE GEORGE PÉREZ INTERVIEW” [A Talk about Origins, Titans, Character, Missed Opportunities, and More… Conducted by Michael F. Hopkins] and “THE TITANS OTHER HALF” Marv Wolfman Interview. Full Article!

>> Focus on George Pérez: Published in 1985 by Fantapraphics. A must-have for any George Pérez fan; Contains interviews with George and art from all his work, including Titans. See the highlights & rare Pérez art!

>> Comics Interview #50: An Interview with George Pérez: Interview by by Andy Mangels – Comics Interview #50, 1987 – Titans-Related Interview Highlights here!

>> New Teen Titans Annual #3: “Additions” Marv Wolfman talks about the introduction of Danny Chase.

>> Amazing Heroes #135 [1988]: A Marv Wolfman Interview; Marv Talks Titans & His Approach To Writing; great original cover by George featuring Marv & his creations . Interview Highlights here!

>> Amazing Heroes #156 [1989]: “Triple Threat: The George Pérez Interview” by Andy Mangels; George talks about returning to the Titans & Creating Troia. Full Article!

>> Comics Scene (v2) #8 [1989]: “Writes Of Passage” Marv and George talk about George’s return to the Titans. Check out the plans for Titans West and a Titans Graphic Novel that never happened! Full Article!

>> Titans West That Wasn’t: Cyborg! Red Star! Chris King! Thunder and Lightning! They are Titans West! Only… they weren’t. Read all about it.

>> Titans Graphic Novel: Games: George Pérez pencilled 80 pages of this graphic novel that was never printed. Look behind the scenes of this Holy Grail of Titans’ fans.

Marv Wolfman & George Pérez Look Back

>> Titans Reflections: 1998: From the New Teen Titans Archive, Volume 1. Forwards from Marv Wolfman and George Pérez.

>> COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE #89 “The Best of All Worlds: George Pérez”: “The Best of All Worlds: George Pérez” four-part interview in COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE #86, #89, #90, 94 [2002]. In part three, George talks about the New Teen Titans and Crisis on Infinite Earths

>> Marv Wolfman on Wrapping Up Titans: Marv Wolfman talks about New Titans #130 and how he wanted to end the series. Plus, see some ideas Marv had that never made it to print.

>> Marv Wolfman Interview: Marv talks about his Titans run, Titans Hunt & Beyond! Titans Tower EXCLUSIVE!

>> Marv Wolfman “What Th–?” Column: August 11, 2002: Marv Reflects on His Titans Run: The Good and the Bad [courtesy of – posted august 11, 2002]

>> Marv Wolfman “What Th–?” Column: November 17, 2002 : Marv on The Fearsome Five, Creating the Titans and Titans Graphic Novel, GAMES [courtesy of – posted november17, 2002]

>> Marv Wolfman “What Th–?” Column: February 16, 2003 : Marv Reflects on Reviving Dial H for HERO, Reviving the Titans and the Titans Graphic Novel, GAMES. [courtesy of – posted february 16, 2003]

Creators On Flash

>> Speed Reading: Mike Baron on Flash

>> Speed Reading: William Messner Loebs on Flash

Series Indexes and Overviews

>> New Teen Titans  v1 (1980)

>> New Teen Titans/New Titans (1984)

>> Teen Titans Spotlight On: (1986)

>> Hawk & Dove v2 (1988)

>> Flash v2 (1987)