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Liberty Base Island & Argus Satellite Station

Teen Titans Headquarters

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Liberty Island Base

When conniving Councilwoman Elizabeth Alderman launched a smear campaign against the Titans, the group was plagued with mounting lawsuits and increased public scrutiny. The team was eventually pressured to place themselves under the government’s watchful eye, with Sarge Steel was their chief liaison. At that point, Nightwing stepped down as leader and allowed Arsenal to take command.

The Titans had also secured a satellite – the USS Argus – from a group of eco-terrorists. One of Arsenal’s stipulations was that the Titans could keep the satellite for their use. Sarge Steel begrudgingly accepted.

The president requested that the Titans maintain a headquarters on Earth as well as the space satellite. In turn, the government furnished an old train station from the thirties into a state-of-the-art headquarters for the team. The Titans base was housed in the former Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal building, which is part of the Liberty State Park in New Jersey.

Located right across the river from Manhattan, it provided privacy and accessibility. The five story headquarters contained a conference room, computer rooms, a gym, and individual bedrooms. It also featured an advanced telecommunications system, using the satellite USS Argus as a link. The largely automated satellite base was in a polar orbit, which allowed for extensive earth watch coverage. Information on the activities of super- organizations, individuals and groups could be gleaned using the satellite. The Argus was serviced by a fleet of three small direct-to-orbit aircraft.

The Titans remained at this headquarters until Sarge Steel cut their government funding and they disbanded.

ABOVE: Sarge Steel introduces the Titans to their new headquarters in NEW TITANS #0 [1994].
BELOW: The final days of the New Titans, from TITANS SECRET FILES & ORIGINS #1 [1999].

The USS Argus

The Titans Satellite base was a space station originally launched into space by the Balkan crimemocracy, Zandia, for the purpose of establishing a planet-wide, militarily overwhelming high ground. The satellite’s original name was Zbik. From a space platform, various acts of aggression and terrorism became much more difficult to halt. Missile launches and high-powered laser attacks on the ground were almost impossible to thwart. This international terrorism was ultimately suppressed by the Titans.

The United States Military’s meta-human-oriented agency, Checkmate, renovated the station so as to perform the task of information gathering in both the lightwave and electromagnetic spectrums. The station was christened USS Argus (United States Space station) as the refitting was performed primarily by the U. S. Navy.

Checkmate intended to use the sensor sweeps for purposes of national security. Intelligence gathering and analysis would be performed aboard the station. Checkmate also installed less harsh, though still spartan, crew accommodations, a “swimming sphere” style of water supply, improved storage facilities, a supplemental space-sciences-oriented laboratory and a life-supporting hydroponics laboratory. Ultimately, the Checkmate office tasked the USS Argus to the Titans, to be used for their purposes, with the stipulation that they would also oversee the long-term storage and archiving of ultra-dangerous, alien or meta-human-originated weaponry.

Personnel transportation to and from The Argus was primarily via a matter transporter device formerly belonging to the meta-human group called the Justice League of America. There are individually dedicated transporter devices for each team member of the Titans. In addition to the transporters, there were three shuttle craft which provide physical connection from the Earth to The Argus.

ABOVE: Sarge Steel introduces the Titans to their new headquarters in NEW TITANS #0 [1994].

Headquarters Schematic


 Essential Reading

New Titans #0 [1994]: Under government control, Arsenal leads a new team of Titans, including Impulse, Damage, Green Lantern, Darkstar, Mirage, and Terra. Government funded and based in New Jersey. First issue with new Titans members Terra II, Mirage, Impulse and Damage having already joined the team. First appearance of Liberty Island headquarters.
New Titans #124-125 [part 1 & 5], Green Lantern #65 [part 2], Darkstars #34 [part 3], Damage #16 [part 4] [1995]: The five-part “Siege of the Zi Charram” crossover storyline. The Titans travel to space and become embroiled in an intergalactic conflict. Double-sized New Titans #125 features detailed information and schematics of the New Titans Liberty Island Headquarters and USS Argus Satellite Base.


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