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Lian Harper

Roy Harper’s Daughter
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Lian Harper Quick Bio: The result of a brief but passionate affair, Lian Harper was the daughter of heroic Roy Harper and assassin-for-hire Cheshire. Tragically, five year old Lian later died when the villainous Prometheus destroyed Star City.

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Graceful Willow

Roy Harper, who had temporarily abandoned his identity as the costumed archer called Speedy, was working undercover for the U.S. government. His assignment was to track down Cheshire, gain her confidence, and hand her over to the authorities. But plans changed when Harper fell in love with Cheshire and she with him. Though he could not bring himself to turn her in, he knew his presence would eventually lead his people to her. Consequently, he walked out on Jade, vanishing in the night and leaving her to learn much later his true name and affiliations.

ABOVE: Roy meets Lian for the first time in
NEW TEEN TITANS (second series) #21 [1986]

A year later, having returned to super-heroing, Speedy was among a number of Titans summoned to Switzerland to prevent Cheshire from sabotaging a critical international arms control meeting. It was during this encounter that he learned for the first time of Lian, the daughter brought about by his union with Jade. With Nightwing’s help, Harper later extracted his daughter from Jade’s custody.

With Lian in tow, Roy became a private investigator for a brief time in Los Angeles, and returned to aid the Titans at Nightwing’s request. His experience as a government agent led Harper to assume a new nom-de-guerre as Arsenal, master of weaponry.

Familial Ties

Shortly after, Arsenal came into conflict with the immortal Vandal Savage, who has spent millennia acquiring wealth and power by whatever means necessary. To sustain his life, Savage routinely harvested organs from his blood relatives. The immortal mastermind learned that the Harpers were distant blood relatives, so he kidnapped Lian in an effort to force Roy’s compliance. Arsenal saved his daughter from Vandal’s schemes and afterwards returned to Arizona with his tribe. During a ritual, Roy received a Navajo tattoo around his arm and changed the design of his costume placing a ceremonial feathered arrow as his emblem on his chest to reflect his heritage.

ABOVE: Lian explain her lineage to her babysitter, Chanda, in TITANS #6 [1999].
BELOW: Chanda learns that Cheshire is Lian’s mother in TITANS #6 [1999].

Arsenal then joined his former teammates to create a new team of Titans, where he briefly rekindled a romantic relationship with Donna Troy, the heroine known as Troia. Lian took to Donna as a maternal figure, as her true mother joined Vandal Savage’s villainous group, Tartarus. When Tartarus botched a mission in Zandia, Cheshire was taken into custody to stand trial for her crimes against humanity. Sadly, Lian witnessed Cheshire’s careless attempt at a prison break.


ABOVE: Rose Wilson tries to protect Lian from Cheshire in TITANS #27 [2001]

A Cry For Justice

When the Justice League of America reformed, Roy Harper was invited to join the legendary team and became Red Arrow.

But Roy Harper’s life would soon unravel in unimaginable ways. In an insane plan to destroy the Justice League, the scheming Prometheus brutally attacked the team – severing Red Arrow’s right arm in the process. Prometheus then used his super-technology to target each of the cities the Justice Leaguers called home. He brought armageddon to Star City and the death toll was enormous.

But one small loss proved most devastating: Roy’s daughter, Lian, was crushed and killed during the attack.

Lian’s dead body is found in the 
heart-breaking CRY FOR JUSTICE #7 [2010].

 Lian’s Super Nannies

Lian has been through a host of nannies to accommodate Roy’s adventuresome lifestyle:

Martin and Erika Santos: Two Checkmate agents and good friends of Roy, Martin and Erika often watched Lian in Roy’s absence [New Titans Annual #11, New Titans #126, Arsenal mini]
Chanda Madan: Quraci teen Chanda proved resourceful and capable – but found a conflict of interests when she learned Lian’s mother nuked her family’s country [Arsenal mini, Titans #1-23]
Rose Wilson: Slade Wilson’s daughter – with ninja skills and quick reflexes – was the perfect nanny for Lian [Titans #25-50]. She eventually left the Titans for a happy family life with a foster family in Chicago… until Slade set her on a dangerous course as the new Ravager.
Ron [last name unrevealed] : Lian’s latest nanny was an asian young man [Outsiders #11]; He was later killed.


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Essential Reading

Tales of the Teen Titans #51-52 [1985]: President Marlo of Qurac hires Cheshire, who abducts Adeline Wilson, Jericho’s mother, a former agent of his who had stolen information on the military strength of Kyran, a bordering nation which he intends to invade. Jericho travels to Qurac with one of his mother’s agents, a young woman named Amber, to rescue Adeline. Jericho uses his powers to help them get free and to defeat Cheshire. Cheshire reveals that she has borne the child of one of the Teen Titans in this story. First appearance of Lian Harper, Cheshire and Roy Harper’s daughter, although not revealed as Roy’s daughter.
New Teen Titans (second series) #20-21 [1986]: In Switzerland, the villainess Cheshire resurfaces and battles Wonder Girl’s “new” Titans; Hawk is out for blood, and Wonder Girl stops him from needlessly killing one of Cheshire’s henchmen; Cheshire comes face to face with Speedy and informs him that he is the father of her child. Roy claims that he didn’t know about the child; Cheshire fakes an assassination attempt for the Church of Blood, battles the Titans, and escapes with some Church of Blood acolytes, who arrive via helicopter for her; Speedy goes to Hong Kong to find Cheshire and is allowed to hold his daughter, Lian.
Action Comics Weekly #613-618 [1988]: In 1988, Action Comics experimented with a new format from issues #601-642: Each issue contained six 8-page short stories and switched to a weekly format. “The Cheshire Contract” A 6-part Nightwing story with Speedy. Nightwing encounters Speedy as they stop some illegal contraband. Speedy tells Nightwing he is on a case for the Central Bureau of Intelligence [CBI] and enlists his help in tracking down Cheshire. The two heroes try to prevent Cheshire from fulfilling her contract, which is to assassinate various ambassadors to prevent a peace treaty from taking place. Speedy and Nightwing prevent one assassination attempt, and Nightwing starts to become suspicious of Speedy’s actions. By checking up with the CBI through Danny Chase, Nightwing discovers Roy [Speedy] had been fired from the CBI months ago. Meanwhile, Speedy reveals his true objective: He used Nightwing to track down Cheshire so he could get his daughter, Lian, from her. Roy is attacked and captured by Cheshire’s friend Wen Ch’ang, who despises Roy as the man who represents Cheshire’s one weakness. Nightwing tracks down Cheshire, stops her bombing attempt of the peace treaty and is able to plant a trace on her. Nightwing tracks down and frees Roy, who battles Cheshire as she curses herself for loving him. She gives Roy a slow-acting poison and leaves. As Roy recuperates in the hospital, Nightwing surprises him with his daughter; Cheshire left Lian behind and Roy is reunited with his daughter at last.
Arsenal #1-4 [October 1998 to January 1999]: Arsenal confronts Vandal Savage in a mini series written by Devin Grayson and drawn by Rick Mays. Guest starring Black Canary and Green Arrow (Connor Hawke). Roy Harper — former heroin addict and one-time Green Arrow sidekick — must consider the failures of his past to face the future and find his own niche as Arsenal. But before he can move forward, there’s a problem from the past that needs a speedy resolution. Roy’s daughter, Lian, has a fatal disorder and the only one that may be able to provide the cure is the villainous immortal, Vandal Savage. Roy Harper’s daughter Lian is kidnapped by Savage and Roy learns he is part of the Vandal Savage bloodline.
Titans #6 [1999]: Green Lantern guest-stars as Red Panzer attacks Troia and Arsenal. The Panzer’s willing to burn all of Harlem (with the help of his neo-Nazi commandos) to kill our heroes; Lian reveals to Chanda that Cheshire is her mother.
Cry For Justice #5-7 [2009-2010]: In an insane plan to destroy the Justice League, the scheming Prometheus brutally attacks the team – severing Red Arrow’s right arm in the process. Prometheus then uses his super-technology to target each of the cities the Justice Leaguers call home. He brings armageddon to Star City and the death toll is enormous. But one small loss proves most devastating: Roy’s daughter, Lian, is crushed and killed during the attack. Angered beyond reason, Green Arrow takes the law into his own hands and murders Prometheus. Red Arrow loses his arm in issue #5. Death of Lian Harper in issue #7.

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