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Larry The Titan

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When Robin accidentally wrecked the R-Cycle while pursuing a nasty thug named Jonny Rancid, he wound up with his arm in a cast. Lucky for Robin, he got a helpful visit from his Number One Fan: a short little weirdo from another dimension known as Larry the Titan! But unlucky for Robin, Larry’s reality bending powers caused more problems than they fixed.

With reality bending beyond control, Jonny Rancid took advantage of the situation to gain great new powers for himself. Larry had to learn to trust himself – and with Robin’s help – he eventually restored reality and defeated Rancid.

  • The opening sequence of FRACTURED is sung in Japanese by Larry the Titan and features Larry in the sequence; It was actually sung by Puffy Ami Yumi’s manager. It’s called the “Toshi Mix.” Toshi is credited in FRACTURED as Toy C.
  • Larry the Titan is a alternate dimension version of Robin… and he states his name: Kcid Nosyarg. As his name spins backward it reads Dick Grayson, who was the first Robin.

Producer David Slack on Larry the Titan: “That actually started as far back as season one. Sam [Register] suggested we do an episode where everything just goes crazy. So that was there. Meanwhile, all the guys on the crew started drawing a little reject Titan that they called “Larry the Titan.” There were all these different designs for him and he never looked the same way twice. But they would draw all these pictures of Larry.   So somehow, somewhere… we were thinking of doing a Bat-Mite type character. And someone said, “Why not make it Larry?” So we started to develop this anti-Robin.”

Larry the Titan is very similar to the mischief-making interdimensional imp, Bat-Mite. Bat-Mite appeared in the Batman comics in the 1960s and 1970s before disappearing into obscurity. Larry the Titan could very well be Bat-Mite’s sidekick.


Dee Bradley Baker as Larry the Titan.
Dee Bradley Baker provides various voices for the series, including: Plasmus, Cinderblock, Soto, Soto’s dog, Larry the Titan and Glgrdsklechhh.

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