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Kyle Spencer and Donna Cabot

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Kyle Spencer and Donna Cabot were something of a perfect couple. Both grounded yet playful, the Georgetown University students got engaged as undergrads. Each were distinguished athletes; Kyle was a track and field star while Donna excelled on the tennis courts.

Kyle and Donna were oblivious to the fact that two of their closest friends – Hank Hall and Dawn Granger – doubled as Georgetown’s most celebrated super-heroes, Hawk & Dove.

Kyle became fast friends with Hank when the two met on the track field. Donna, however, had a very low tolerance for Hank’s right-wing views, and had no hesitation to voice her contrary opinions. But when Donna’s close friend Ren Takamori began dating Hank, she was forced to tolerate his behavior. Eventually, Donna succumbed to Hank’s simple charms, and any initial hostility eventually gave way to gentle ribbing.


Hank meets Kyle and Donna in HAWK & DOVE (mini series) #1 [1988].

Donna offered to play match-maker to Dawn Granger by arranging a blind date with her childhood friend, Brian. But Dawn, as Dove, was preoccupied with her attraction to Captain “Sal” Arsala, leader of the Washington DC Special Crimes Unit. Dawn even attempted to date Sal, who only knew her as Dove, donned in a white wig in an effort to conceal her secret identity. The situation became comically complicated when Dawn eventually met Donna’s friend at a holiday party – only to learn his full name: Brian “Sal” Arsala, the same man she was dating as Dove!

Kyle worries about his Aunt Ruth in
HAWK & DOVE (second series) #5 [1990].

Meanwhile, Kyle’s life became more complicated when his fugitive Aunt Ruth resurfaced in need of a safe house. Years ago, Ruth and her radical friends planted a bomb at Graytech, a company that honored defense contracts. The plan went awry as Ruth’s two friends were seemingly killed in the explosion, forcing Ruth to go underground. But Ruth’s friend Shelly was actually transformed into ShellShock, a deadly meta-human who caused explosions with a spoken word. She finally located and confronted Ruth, only to become engulfed in one of her own explosions. Following this tragedy, Ruth left town.

This left Kyle and Donna time to concentrate on their own future. Leaving a letter to Ren, the anxious lovebirds ran off and eloped.

Essential Reading

Hawk & Dove (mini-series) #1-5 [1988]: Hank Hall settles at college in Georgetown and meets classmates Ren Takamori, Dawn Granger, Kyle Spencer and his fiancee Donna Cabot. Hawk meets his new partner, Dove, and battles Kestrel.
Hawk & Dove (second series) #8-9 [1990]: A mysterious woman wielding a gun demands to know the whereabouts of Kyle Spencer from Ren, Hank and Dawn. Copperhead, who was stalking Ren from afar, attacks the group. Hawk & Dove are able to capture Copperhead. The mysterious woman is revealed as Kyle’s Aunt Ruth, who is a wanted fugitive. Dove helps Ruth elude the police.
Hawk & Dove (second series) #13 [1990]: Dove attempts to date Captain Arsala, but must do so as Dawn Granger in a white-haired wig. Meanwhile, Kyle’s Aunt Ruth reveals her past to Hank, Ren, Kyle and Donna. The villain Shellshock confronts Ruth.
Hawk & Dove (second series) #28 [1991]: Donna and Kyle revealed to be married (they eloped).


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