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Superboy’s Super Pet

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Secret Origin of Krypto

Before Superman was rocketed off the doomed Krypton, his father Jor-El sent the house of El family dog, Krypto, on a test flight. Tragically, the rocket was lost in space and Krypto drifted for years until the ship’s guidance system picked up a Kryptonian signal from Kal-El’s rocket, which was now on earth in Smallville. The rocket containing Krypto arrived, much to Clark Kent’s surprise.

Krypto often assisted Clark during his teenage years as Superboy in Smallville and beyond – though, like Clark, he was never publicly known. Kryptonian canines age very slowly, allowing Krypto to remain quite active in the life of Superman and his family for years to come.

Superman entrusts the care of Krypto to Superboy in TEEN TITANS #7 [2004].

Krypto & Superboy

When Superman settled in Metropolis, he realized the super pup was simply too powerful to have on the loose. Clark brought Krypto to his Fortress of Solitude, but Krypto grew quite lonely.

Superman later gave Superboy the task of caring for the super-canine in Smallville. There, Krypto serves as a loyal companion for Superboy as well as a fierce protector for Martha Kent.

Krypto’s version of fetch, from ADVENTURE COMICS #3 [2009].

 Powers & Abilities

Krypto has all the powers of Superman in a canine package.

A Superboy & Krypto convention sketch by Francis Manapul.


 Essential Reading

Teen Titans #7 [2004]: Superman entrusts the care of Krypto to Superboy.
Action Comics Annual #11 [2008]: Featuring the origin of Krypto.
Adventure Comics #1-6 [2009]: Superboy settles back into Smallville, along with Krypto.


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