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Konstantin Kovar

Red Star’s Father

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Konstantin Kovar, from NEW TITANS #94-96 [1993].


Konstantin Kovar was a well-renowned Russian archeologist who served the interests of his country. When a meteor was believed to have crashed in Russia’s Yenesi River in 1908, Konstantin and his son, Leonid, learned it was an alien spacecraft. Leonid touched the wrong control of the ship at the wrong time and was irradiated with incredible energies that mutated his body. When these energies manifested themselves as superpowers, Leonid was taken by the Soviet State and subjected to training which turned him into the first of a new generation of Russian meta-humans. Originally called Starfire, Leonid dutifully served his country.

Konstantin Kovar seemingly perished under mysterious circumstances while serving the Soviet Union. This left young Leonid an orphan of the state; Through much of his adult life, Konstantin’s friend Pyotr Raskov looked after Leonid and became his surrogate father. He later changed his name to Red Star and became allied with the American super-heroes known as the Teen Titans. In secret, Konstantin became part of a black-ops team in the KGB.

Pyotr Raskov pleads with his former friend, Konstantin Kovar,
NEW TITANS #96 [1993].

Konstantin and his brethren sought to secretly take control of Russia while discredting the United States. To this end, He attempted to breed a group of cybernetically engineered Meta-Men, using the technology from Cyborg. To enact their plan, the KGB framed Raskov for treason and took over Science City, forcing the scientist to call Red Star back to him homeland. This was an attempt to secure Cyborg — to use his technology to enhance the Meta-Men and assassinate the President and blame it on the United States.

Red Star uncovered the insidious plot with the help of a mysterious operative known only as Anna. As the pair attempted to stop the Meta-Men, an explosion triggered a startling new power surge for Red Star. The Russian hero learned he could burst his body into flames as well as channel and redirect fiery energy. These new abilities help put an end to Konstantin Kovar’s attempt at a coup, but at a terrible price. Red Star’s scheming father executed Pyotr Raskov, who had raised Leonid since childhood. And Anna was forced to kill Konstantin – with a bullet through his head – as Red Star watched.

Unknown to Red Star, a handful of Russian scientists have secretly salvaged the remains of Konstantin and made him a cybernetic – perhaps brain dead – Meta-Man.

Red Star later returned to his homeland to discover an uprising of “The Meta-Men Militia”, a terrorist group who wanted the Russian government to sanction meta-human activities. Red Star – appointed “State Protector” of Russia – quelled their insurgence, but Science City was destroyed in the process. The “Meta-Men Militia” continue to plague Russia with terrorist acts – often clashing with Red Star in the process.

Essential Reading

Teen Titans #18 [1968]: Starfire I (Leonid Kovar; first appearance; origin revealed; a Russian super-hero; given name revealed in New Teen TItans #18). Interpol requests that the Teen Titans team up with a Russian super-hero, Starfire, to safeguard the Crown Jewels of Sweden from Andre Le Blanc, the self-styled “world’s greatest jewel thief.” Mutual antagonism spoils the joint efforts of the American and Soviet champions, until Starfire rescues the Titans from Le Blanc’s death-traps.
New Titans #94-96 [1993]: Red Star travels to his homeland of Russia with Sarah Charles in an attempt to restore Cyborg. He learns his father Konstantin is alive and building an army of Meta-Men as part of a plot to assassinate President Yeltsin and blame it on the American government. And agent named Anna and Leonid disrupt Konstantin’s plans, but Pyotr Raskov is killed in the battle for refusing to comply with Konstantin. Also, Anna is forced to kill Leonid’s father, Konstantin. Order is restored and Red Star returns to the United States.
Teen Titans (third series) #38 [2006]: The new story arc “Titans Around the World” begins as the Teen Titans journey into the heart of Russia to meet its greatest super-hero: Red Star! On a quest to locate a former member, the Titans head to Moscow to learn how Red Star has rebuilt his life following Superboy-Prime’s rampage. First appearnce of the “Meta-Men Militia.” Science City revealed to have been destroyed.

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