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Kitten is the spoiled daughter of the super-villain, Killer Moth. Whatever Kitten wants, Kittens gets – and that includes Robin the Boy Wonder! The creepy criminal threatened to destroy the city with a flying army of mutant moths, unless … Robin took his spoiled-rotten teenage daughter Kitten to her junior prom.

So while the other Titans were scouring the city in search of Moth’s secret hideout, a reluctant Robin has no choice but to go along with the villain’s bizarre demand. Kitten flaunted Robin – which enraged Starfire and also caused her ex-boy friend Fang to return to her.

When the Titans located Moth’s base, Robin was free to dump Kitten – much to Starfire’s satisfaction. But Kitten swore she’d get even with the young heroes.

  • Will Friedle – voice of Fang – also provided the voice of Terry McGuiness on “Batman Beyond.”
  • Tara Strong – the voice of Raven – also supplies the voice for Kitten.
Producer David Slack on Kitten: “We wrote some of the jealousy stuff with Starfire, but I was thrilled when the animation came back on that one. Like the part where she jumps out of her boots. Or when she incinerates into a match. All that stuff is our excellent storyboard artists and directors. And Kitten came out to be tremendous fun. Tara Strong did the voice on that. She had a great time with it. I think it’s one of our funniest episodes. So we did our romantic comedy episode.”

Kitten did not appear in the comic books; She was created for the animated series.

Date With Destiny
Revved Up
Calling All Titans

Tara Strong as Kitten

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