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update >> november 20 >> 2001

Kitson Talks Titans

[soundbytes from DC message boards]

Favorite Titans eras: “I guess I’m torn between the first series and Marv and George’s run. At the time they were coming out in print I would have voted for the NTT run, but as time passes and nostalgia gets more powerful hold on me I keep going back to the first series and rediscovering how much there was to enjoy there. I always seem to be hedging bets with my answers, but I really think those two periods are equal in my estimation – totally different but equally enjoyable.

“As you know when I came to the boards the decisions to change so much about the book had already been taken – about more villains, more action, more focus on the core group etc…and even my being chosen as penciller! I have to admit to adding to the delay too – my schedule didn’t allow me to start right away and I was very lucky that Andy and Jay thought I would be worth waiting for! It really IS frustrating knowing that so much about the book HAS changed for me, but that you have yet to even see the ‘transitional issues’ as I’ve come to think of them. I would really like it to be #39 in the shops now if I could have my wish! Ah but reality is what it is – so all I can do is try to encourage you to keep the faith and look to a bright future for the Titans!”

“After I got the Titans assessment I thought I’d just check out the boards with no intention of saying anything, but when I read how upset so many readers were, and especially how many of their concerns were the same ones I had myself; I just felt I had to let everybody know that changes were planned. I’m only sorry that there has been such a long gap between our starting to address the problems and the printing dates! I’m sure things will get tougher when our issues start to be published, it’s impossible to please everyone! We can only do our best, and as long as the criticism we get is constructive and well-meaning we’ll be happy to try to deal with it… and hopefully learn from it! ”

“… there is a VERY VERY good chance that characters from the past will feature in upcoming issues… if I get my way! ”

“I want to draw far too many characters to name them all – for now though I’m just totally excited about all the Titans and related characters I’m getting to draw. It’ll probably be more than a year before I will be able to say I have worked on the majority of characters related to this book that I want to!”

On Terra: “Terra hasn’t been forgotten, but at the moment I don’t think she’ll be able to figure too large in the first year… but there is a story there that needs telling!”

“I don’t like to give too much away as you know – Lilith will be featuring in the book a lot next year – that’s really as much as I want to let on!”

“I don’t think I’m giving too much away to say that I don’t think we have any plans to use the Omen codename at this point [Lilith] will feature regularly from #39 onwards.”


update >> february 21 >> 2002

Originally posted by TPeyer on DC Comics Message Boards:

“Thanks for your enthusiasm. I’m hard at work on my second TITANS script as we speak. Or, at least, that’s what I tell the editors… Don’t look for a big shake-up. I think there still are many good stories to be told with the team of Nightwing, Tempest, Troia, Arsenal, Jesse and Argent. We do plan on getting Lilith in there, and eventually Starfire as well.

Beyond that, let’s keep our options open. The first three-parter is called “Chemical World,” and it takes place on a very sick planet in another dimension. I hope it comes across as a fast-paced, high-stakes adventure. All I can say in specific terms about this story is that it’s bound to be exceptionally well-pencilled and exceptionally well-inked. (Too bad about the writing, though…)

[…] And I never proposed a TITANS L.A. miniseries, but I did write a fill-in story about them. […] Bumblebee and Herald were the stars of that fill-in story.

[…] Rest easy. I like Starfire. As for getting Dick ‘n’ Kory back together, that’s something I haven’t thought about, but I may get around to discussing with the talented writer of NIGHTWING.

[…] [W]e agree. New villains are the way to go.

Thanks again, and a Happy New Year. I know we’re all ready for one.”



update >> march 7 >> 2002

“Hi all

This kind of feels like a “good news/bad news” statement, but after the wonderful show of support you’ve given the art team on the boards recently Rich [Faber] and I felt it only right to let you know of some changes in the works…

Firstly, and VERY sadly, after issue #42 Rich will no longer be our regular inker – this is entirely due to some factors in the “real world” – and totally NOT due to the old rock-n-roll cliche of “artistic differences”! We both think we were forming a great working partnership artistically and are both keen that it should continue whenever possible – I know I’ll be EXTREMELY happy to have Rich ink any issue of Titans anytime the chance arises! We’ll also be working together anywhere else the opportunity is afforded us in the DCU I’m hoping Rich’ll stick around here too – to answer all the questions being hurled at him and generally keep us on our toes!

The flip side to this sad news is that our new regular inker will be the one and only James Pascoe – my old sparring partner from Azrael and Empire – a wonderfully talented chap who’ll do Rich’s legacy proud I’m sure! He’ll also be turning up on the boards soon too to say “Hi” and I hope you’ll warm to him as you did to Rich! Maybe the two of them could run an “Inkers” Forum?

Secondly – and not nearly so traumatic – is the news that with issue #42 we’ll have a new cover artist. Obviously I’m sad to lose the job, but when asked if I’d like to have one of my all-time heroes, Mr. Jose Garcia-Lopez, draw our covers, what could I say?! Not only is he one of the most talented artists ever, but he has a Titans legacy of his own !!! (He has even graciously agreed to let me ink the occasional cover of his too – which I am REALLY excited about!)

I hope this news won’t upset too many of you too much – what’s the old proverb about living in “interesting times”? Thanks as always for your support!



update >> march 18 >> 2002

Kitson posts “Reasons to be Cheerful”

Hi all

I was just drawing away and enjoying thinking about the stories coming up and decided to share some of the reasons I think we Titans fans can be optimistic about the months to come…as you know, I like to let a new visitors to the boards know that times are changing… so in no particular order at all… here’s a list of things that popped into my mind for the Titans’ future

1/ BIG stories!

2/ Unpredictable stories!

3/ BIG threats and plenty of action!

4/ More character interaction and development!

5/ More interaction with the DCU!

6/ Focus on the Titans old and new and their being involved in the stories!

7/ More interaction with the readers!

8/ Starfire, Lilith, Deathstroke, the whole Titans heritage….!

9/ I get to draw it all!

10/ Jose Garcia-Lopez on covers!

11/ Great inking by James and Rich!

12/ Tom Peyer!

13/ New Villains!

14/ Old villains!

In short…a book we can all, creators and readers, be proud of and feel part of ….I hope! Okay – I’m gushing, but it seems to me that a lot of Titans readers have ‘suffered’ a long time and I just want any newcomers to the board to know that change really is coming… and just to remind all the ‘old-timers’ that have been so kind to me on the boards that the reasons I wanted to help change the direction of the book are still the same and that I think we really are getting there!

And if there’s anything missing from that list that you think should be on there (apart from a specific storyline) let us know and maybe it can become part of the mix!




update >> march 19 >> 2002

On Terra, Kitson says “Terra’s story is on the cards for the next year or so! All will be revealed…eventually…I hope”

On DEO Kids: “I don’t know how to make this any clearer… the kids DO NOT APPEAR AFTER #41! I guess they may show up after I leave the book… or if I’m still here for issue #250’s big reunion bash, but Tom and I have no plans to use them before then Also please try not to assume that because other creators have not used characters as you would like that we are going to follow their example…that’s certainly not our intention We want to explore the potential of all our Titans’ characters and make the book as good as we can… to that end we’ll be aiming to do most of the things you hope for!”

On Titans role in DCU: “One of Tom [Peyer]’s priorities is to show just how powerful the Titans are – hence the bigger storylines and menaces etc -and their playing a more prominent role in the DCU. ”

update >> april 15 >> 2002

“There’s a whole lot of great stuff (IMHO) coming up in the next year – and I am having so much fun that I think #43 may be the best work I’ve ever done! Though I’ll await you opinion on that! The book’s going to be focusing much more on the Titans core group and their extended relationships and the adventures will be of a ‘bigger’ nature than perhaps they have been on late! I’m very very excited about things – as you can probably tell! Sorry, if I’m gushing, but my enthusiasm for the book just keeps increasing!”

“A lot of the characters that have been associated with Titans West will be playing an active role in the book in the near future, but not necessarily as a separate group. As for Joey – there are no plans for his return at the moment…much as I liked him, I’m not sure we want to bring yet another character back from the dead, unless we can come up with an earth-shattering story that will justify it course….”

“There will be lots of ‘old friends’ to play roles in the upcoming stories,as you you know I don’t like to give too much away… but I think most readers will enjoy how the Titans starts functioning as a large extended family focused around our core characters… Did I mention Wally’s role in #42-44? ( can’t resist a tease every now and then)”

“Damage features in issues #44 and #45.”

“We do want to include Raven in Titans to come, but it will take a BIG storyline…so patience will be required I’m afraid! ”

When will we see Jesse Quick’s new costume? Kitson says: “we’re still aiming for #45 or thereabouts!”

Any chance of Risk or Joto making an appearance or becoming part of the team? Kitson says: ” those characters will almost certainly be seen in the coming to what becomes of them…”

On Troia: “Phil and I did discuss Troia’s look so I know we’re both going for the same kind of look. I think/hope I’m getting a little closer to the mark with each issue I work on! ”

“No need to be pessimistic about my stay on the Titans – I was delighted to be offered the job (I have hinted for years that if an opening came up I’d be interested). Despite not being very happy with the state the book was in (to put it mildly) the chance of drawing the Titans and having an influence on improving things was just way to good to pass up! I think I made the right decision – I’ve certainly enjoyed drawing the characters and getting to know the posters here on the boards. ”

“Since working with Tom I have to say it feels like a whole new book again, I believe there’s a real freshness and vitality to it that I think you’ll enjoy…I know have! I think you point about the Titans needing to ‘find their place in the DCU’ is spot on – and if there is an overall theme to Tom and my first year it’ll be about their doing just that! I hope we’ll come through for you – if you come back to the book and give us feedback to help us on the way – all the better!”

update >> april 26 >> 2002

Kitson on Risk: “Tom and I do have a story line involving Risk that we’ve discussed, but as we’re already planned past #53 I’m afraid it might be a while in the making :-) I’ve not really been comfortable with the way most of the ‘Jurgens’ team have been left – nobody seems really sure where many of them are anymore – and Risk’s becoming a petty criminal doesn’t really seem to me to be a place to leave him indefinitely… but that’s just my 2 cents.”

update >> august 24 >> 2002

Kitson & Peyer on Titans: From the DC Message Board

>> Barry hints that Bumblebee is slated to make an appearance in the not-too-far future.

>> Barry on rumors of cancellation: “Hi All Well one of the reasons I haven’t responded is because this is a rumor – what can I say , it’s a rumor. One of the sad things about rumors in the comics biz is that they tend to become self-fulfilling so I try no to add fuel to any flames I know the future of Titans post #50 is under discussion, but that’s really all I know – that’s still another seven months away. I know I’m on the book until #50 at least When anything new is decided or announced I’ll be happy to discuss it at length – I promise!”

>> Kitson reported that due to a cramped agenda, Jesse Quick’s redesign is postponed for the time being.

>> Barry has mentioned that Argent is due for a new hairstyle. “You’ll be pleased to know her perm is growing out by #47”

>> Barry Kitson on the upcoming solicitations: “I just thought I’d put everybody’s mind at rest that James and I are the artists on issues 47-50 unless something unexpected happens. I have been doing breakdowns and James finishes – which look to me the best work he’s ever done! The reason I’m doing breakdowns rather than full pencils is so I can actually get on with Empire too and another little project I’m not sure I can mention yet! The solicitation for #47 is incorrect honest!”

>> Barry also provided this tidbit: “Kory appears from #45 onward I promise!”


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