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King Lycus

Son of Ares
Teen Titans Adversary

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Son or Ares

The son of Ares and one-time King of Libya, King Lycus has a thirst for power and a lust for blood. Lycus had been granted his own hellhound as well as a second life, on the condition that he would eventually claim the power of Ares possessed by Cassandra Sandsmark, aka Wonder Girl.

Every time Lycus murdered someone in Ares’ name he would grow stronger. And the closer each kill was in proximity to Wonder Girl, the more power Lycus could siphon from the teen Amazon. With enough kills, Lycus would be powerful enough to end Wonder Girl’s life and claim his place as the new champion of Ares.

“Wonder Dog” is revealed as Lycus’ hellhound in TEEN TITANS (third series) #62 [2008].

This Means War

King Lycus sent his hellhound to Titans Island under the guise of a normal-looking dog. Wendy and Marvin, teen caretakers to Titans Tower, were so impressed by the canine’s survival instincts they adopted the pup and named him Wonder Dog. The newfound pet soon revealed himself as a vicious hellhound, attacking the teens and murdering Marvin in the process.

Zeus later appeared to Wonder Girl to warn his daughter of King Lycus, advising her to use her own powers against him.After sending his deadly hellhound to keep the rest of the Teen Titans busy, Lycus challenged Wonder Girl in open combat. At that moment, Cassandra realized she had been “borrowing” her godlike abilities all this time – first from Zeus, and later, from Ares. Moreover, her rage-fueled powers gifted by the God of War had caused mood swings and bouts of anger ever since she accepted his lightning lasso.

So, for the first time, Cassandra called upon the strength that was her god-given birthright, and banished Lycus with her newly self-powered lariat.

ABOVE: Lycus challenges Wonder Girl in TEEN TITANS (third series) #65 [2008].
BELOW: Wonder Girl finally accepts her gods-given powers in TEEN TITANS (third series) #65 [2008]. 

 Powers & Abilities

Lycus possesses tremendous strength and stamina. He is a superior strategist, and has complete mastery over any weapon. Every time Lycus murders someone in Ares’ name, he grows stronger. Lycus also has the ability to conjure a demonic hellhound, completely under his control.


 Essential Reading

Teen Titans (third series) #62 [2008]: Wendy and Marvin are considering leaving Titans Tower when they meet a mysterious dog who had swam ashore to Titans Island. They dub him Wonder Dog. After Wendy reconsiders their decision to leave, she finds Marvin has been slain by Wonder Dog, who has transformed into a demonic canine creature. After attacking Wendy, the dog returns to its master – King Lycus, Son of Ares. First appearance of King Lycus. Death of Marvin.
Teen Titans (third series) #64-65 [2008]: Wonder Girl is confronted by King Lycus, who seeks to siphon her Ares-given powers. After creating a deadly hellhound to keep the rest of the Teen Titans busy, Wonder Girl’s new enemy challenges her in open combat.Wonder Girl defeats Lycus by at last claiming her own gods-given powers.



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