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The Teen Titans found themselves on a race around the world against the Brotherhood of Evil, who were trying to eliminate teen superheroes for their own sinister purposes. Along the way, the Titans rallied a collection of new allies to their cause! Among them, Killowat, the teen hero who crackles with electric energy.

  • In the comic book series, Killowat was part of a alternate-future group of Titans known as the Team Titans. One of his teammates was Terra – seemingly back from the dead!

Producer Glen Murakami on the new Titans: “We went through all the characters. and decided which ones we could use. Which characters do we need? Which ones would be cool? What were their powers? We make a list and go from there. We wanted to expand the Titans’ world. That was a direction we wanted to go in. We decided it’s like the Titans were in high school and they graduated. It’s like they went on to college. And when you go to college, you go see the world. That was something we were trying to parallel.”

“When you go to college, you don’t necessarily have the same group of friends. Some people go to different colleges. Some people stay in town. You make new friends. That’s what it’s like. So we wanted the characters to experience that.”

The time-tossed Team Titans first appeared in NEW TITANS #79 [1991]. Hailing from a depressing alternate future, the timelost teens sought to prevent their own future. Originally a soldier for the evil Lord Chaos, Charlie Watkins realized the error of his ways during an accident with a bank of energy converters. Crackling with electricity, Charlie joined the Team Titans as Killowat! Killowat was later erased from time during the Zero Hour time crisis in 1994.

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