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Kid Flash

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Catching criminals with the speed of light, Super-hero speedster Kid Flash is quite literally the fastest boy alive! When the Hive Five’s latest crime spree was halted by the teen tornado, the Hive kids wanted to trip up this new hero in town.

In an effort to score points with the Brotherhood of Evil, Jinx and her teammates actually managed to cage Kid Flash. But when a guy can vibrate his molecules through solid objects, he’s hard to keep a hold of! By the time Madame Rouge arrived, Kid Flash was off and running.

But just when Rouge had Kid Flash on the ropes, Jinx realized that her idolization of Madame Rogue was misplaced. Using her bad luck powers, she freed Kid Flash. At that moment, Kid Flash made Jinx realize that having bad luck powers doesn’t necessarily mean you have to bebad. Kid Flash and Jinx later aided the Teen Titans in their final battle with the Brotherhood of Evil.

  • In the comic books, Kid Flash is a founding member of the Teen Titans.
  • Kid Flash has been romantically linked to Raven.
  • Michael Rosenbaum – the voice of Kid Flash – also provides the voice of the Flash on “Justice League.”
  • The creative team hinted at the San Diego Comic Con that Kid Flash’s identity under the mask would be more obvious than the mystery surrounding Robin’s identity. The casting of Michael Rosenbaum created some symmetry with the Wally West Flash from Justice League. It appears that Kid Flash is indeed the Wally West character.

Story Editor Rob Hoegee on Kid Flash: “We knew that DC was going to let us use him once or twice, so if we were going to use him, we wanted it to be all about him. We wanted to showcase him in an episode that would be all about him, and he’s such a strong, likeable, fun character that stands well on his own. Plus, we hadn’t seen him before that, [so] it seemed to make sense that he’d exist in a vacuum. Show up, do his thing, and go away. ”

Producer Glen Murakami on Kid Flash: “He’s a little bit like JUSTICE LEAGUE’s Flash. But he’s not quite as goofy. And I liked using Michael Rosenbaum [who voices the Flash on JUSTICE LEAGUE]. I thought that was cool. That was my idea. I like that people asked about that – and wondered how that might fit into the continuity. […] I think we did a lot of cool things with Kid Flash. [Director] Ben [Jones] was really excited about working on that episode. And I think he came up with a lot of Flash gags that were very different from Flash on JUSTICE LEAGUE. I thought we did a different interpretation of that character that was really cool.”

A bolt of lightning endowed young Wally West with super-speed, enabling him to become Kid Flash, protégé to the Flash in FLASH #110 [1960]! Kid Flash was one of the founding members of the Teen Titans. In the comics, Kid Flash later became the Flash when his mentor died in battle.

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Michael Rosenbaum as Kid Flash

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