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Alias: The Kestrel-force takes a variety of human hosts

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Razored claws flashing and slashing, Kestrel is a killer whose talons can rip through anything, even the barriers between dimensions! In reality, he is no one person, but is instead an evil spell created by two Lords of Chaos. Kestrel’s mission is to unbalance the uneasy alliance between Chaos and Order by destroying the Hawk and Dove partnership even though it’s till death do them part!

Created by M’Shulla and Gorrum, two Lords of Chaos, Kestrel was unleashed to destroy the Hawk and Dove “experiment” – an experiment that seeks to prove that Chaos and Order can and should work together Kestrel can only do this by killing Dove, or by forcing Hawk to reject his partner and go completely over to Chaos’s side of the mystic war.

Unlike Hawk, Kestrel can change between the Kestrel and host personas at will. Also unlike Hawk, the Kestrel-force has a definite personality that can affect or completely take over its host. This personality is chillingly evil and unrelentingly homicidal.

The first body the Kestrel force took over was that of an unnamed blond man. This vessel was destroyed by M’Shulla and Gorrum when they punished Kestrel for not preventing the formation of the new Hawk and Dove team. The second time Kestrel appeared, the spell moved from host to host, leaving each previous body unharmed, until it maneuvered itself into Renata Takamori, Hank (Hawk) Hall’s girlfriend. Using their combined power, Hawk and Dove were able to free Ren from the spell, with Hawk actually absorbing and subduing the manifestation.

But the Kestrel force proved difficult to contain or destroy. Kestrel returned to vex the JSA and later, the Teen Titans. When Kestrel attempted to kidnap Raven’s soul self, the Titans – with the help of the female Hawk & Dove team – were able to temporarily defeat Kestrel in his own realm.


Powers & Abilities

Kestrel is a killer whose talons can rip through anything, even the barriers between dimensions. He also has enhanced strength, endurance, intelligence and agility.


Essential Reading

Hawk & Dove (mini-series) #1-5 [1988]: Hank Hall settles at college in Georgetown and meets classmates Ren Takamori, Dawn Granger, Kyle Spencer and his fiancee Donna Cabot. Hawk meets his new partner, Dove, and battles Kestrel. First Kestrel.
Hawk & Dove (second series) #13 [1990]: Hawk and Dove encounter Kestrel, who has possessed the body of Ren Takamori. 
Hawk & Dove (second series) #14-17 [1990]:
Kestrel [in the body of Ren Takamori] invites Hawk & Dove to the mystical land of Druspa Tau – also home to Lords of Chaos and Order. Ren is freed from Kestrel as Hawk is able to absorb its essence and subdue it.
Teen Titans (third series) #27-28 [2005]: Kestrel, the mad dog of the Chaos Realm, paralyzes the Titans in a bid to gain power like he’s never had before! After kidnapping Raven’s soul self, it’s up to the Titans – and Hawk & Dove – to save her!


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