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When Robin was defeated by the malicious martial artist Katarou, he embarked on a difficult quest to seek a mysterious, legendary teacher known only as … The True Master. Traveling to Asia, Robin began his spiritual journey to the top of a mountain with a kindly old woman as a mysterious guide. Unknown to Robin, he was being followed by the sneaky Katarou as well.

“There is an easy way up the mountain… and the right way.” Whereas Robin chose the right way – besting the bear, snake and monkey – Katarou chose the easy way by following the boy wonder. Once atop the mountain, Robin defeated Katarou with the lessons he learned in his journey. Upon learning this, Robin deduced the kindly old woman as the True Master. And his training began in earnest.

Katarou was banished from the mountain. The True Master dubbed him unworthy – and vowed never to train the neer-do-well ninja.

Story Editor  Amy Wolfram on “The Quest”: “That one came out of Robin’s character. We get to see another side of him and challenge him. Since he’s a master of martial arts – what would happen if he met someone better than him? Where would he go and what would he do? So we took him away from everyone else and challenged him. At what point do you give up? Especially a character like Robin – who never gives up.”

Katarou did not appear in the comic books; He was created for the animated series.

The Quest
Calling All Titans

Keone Young as Katarou

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