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Justice League Pitch

Proposed Series with Robin, Impulse and Cyborg Girl

Justice League Pitch with Robin, Impulse and Cyborg Girl

On the “Justice League: The Complete First Season DVD” release, an extra shows the original network pitch for the Justice League series. “Justice League: The First Mission: Watch this exciting “Never Seen Before” promo which helped Justice League leap into action.” This footage showed Robin, Impulse and a girl Cyborg as part of a Justice League team, which also included Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, J’onn J’onzz, and Hawkgirl.

Bruce Timm explained the pitch on “God, I’d forgotten all about this; when we first started talking about Justice League, the powers-that-be felt that it should be pitched to Kids’ WB first. Knowing their preference for younger heroes, I was hesitant to go there, but we prepared test animation of the ‘female Cyborg’ character (Glen [Murakami’s] idea, if I remember right), and Impulse too, I believe, just in case. The Robin footage was just clips from TNBA, I think.”

“The ‘Justice League / Teen Titans hybrid’ thing was a gimmick that we thought might make a Justice League concept more palatable to Kids’ WB. The idea being that it would be a pretty straight Justice League show, but with a group of younger heroes also on the team, learning the ropes. Sounds very Superfriends, don’t it? And yes, Batman would have been on the show.”

“Anyhow, Kids’ WB—thankfully, in retrospect!—passed on the Batman Anime pitch; it was a very kiddified Batman concept, but still not ‘Pokémonized’ enough for them. After the pitch meeting, the powers-that-be realized Kids’ WB wasn’t likely to go for Justice League, even with a couple of young ringers in the line-up, and we were given the go-ahead to pitch it to Cartoon Network. We cut the ‘Jr. JL’ clips from the presentation reel, and subsequently forgot all about ’em. I have no idea where that footage is now, and it’s probably no great loss.”

“As it turned out, Cartoon Network never even saw the Justice League presentation reel, but bought the series just based on a single phone call.”

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