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Jugular uses his shape shifting to lethal effect in TEEN TITANS #3 [1996]


Jugular is an alien bounty hunter bio-engineered by the vicious H’San Natall. Slavishly loyal to his masters, Jugular uses his shape-shifting abilities to snuff out his prey. Little is known about the deadly alien previous to his association with the evil alien race.

The H’San Natall deployed Jugular to retrieve their alien-human hybrids, now aware of their nascent programming as sleeper agent assassins. The hybrid soon-to-be Teen Titans – Argent, Joto, Risk and Prysm – eluded capture as the chase made way to earth. Upon failing his mission, Jugular feared the wrath of his alien masters.

On another occasion Jugular tried to capture Fringe, another alien-human hybrid. He was thwarted by the combined might of Supergirl and Prysm.


Powers & Abilities

Jugular has enhanced strength and durability. He can also shape shift his body and often uses these abilities to form into different types of weapons, such as morphing his arm into a blade.


Essential Reading

Teen Titans #2 [1996]: Jugular is called to bring in the Titans. First Appearance of Jugular [last page].
Teen Titans #3 [1996]: They may have escaped from their alien abductors and made it back to Earth, but they’re not home free. Another agent of the H’San Natall, Jugular, is hot on their trail. First Full Appearance of Jugular.
Supergirl & Prysm Double shot [1998]: The galactic bounty hunter Jugular has his sights set on both Fringe and Prysm, and he doesn’t care if Supergirl gets in his way.


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