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Jonny Rancid

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When Robin accidentally wrecked the R-Cycle while pursuing a nasty thug named Jonny Rancid, he wound up with his arm in a cast. Lucky for Robin, he got a helpful visit from his Number One Fan: a short little weirdo from another dimension known as Larry the Titan! But unlucky for Robin, Larry’s reality bending powers caused more problems than they fixed.

With reality bending beyond control, Jonny Rancid took advantage of the situation to gain great new powers for himself. Larry had to learn to trust himself – and with Robin’s help – he eventually restored reality and defeated Rancid.

Rancid later returned with a series of mechanical beasties to best the Titans. But Jonny was defeated when he was eaten by Starfire’s giant pet worm, Silkie. When Silkie was done molting, Jonny Rancid was found in his remains and arrested.

  • Jonny Rancid’s name is similar to Jonny Rotten of Sex Pistols fame.
  • Jonny’s voice is provided by Henry Rollins, lead singer of the rock group, Black Flag.

Jonny Rancid did not appear in the comic books; He was created for the animated series.

Can I Keep Him?

Henry Rollins as Jonny Rancid

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