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A String of Bad Luck

There were only four other acolytes in Jinx’s Eastern Indian temple, and none more powerful than she. Soon, there was only one, for the dark powers she harnessed allowed her to destroy the others, and her master. Jinx was eventually captured by the authorities and sent to the United States to be imprisoned.

Jinx was taken to S.T.A.R. Labs, where their high-tech facilities were equipped to contain dangerous criminals. The remaining members of the Fearsome Five – Psimon, Shimmer, Mammoth and Gizmo – broke into S.T.A.R. Labs with the hopes of bolstering their ranks. Once inside, the super-criminals first awakened Jinx. Next, they freed Neutron from his confining radiation-proof capsule. With this increased firepower, Psimon and his new Fearsome Five hoped to hold New York City hostage. But the Teen Titans arrived and put a swift end to their plans.

ABOVE: Jinx is awakened in TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #57 [1985].
BELOW: Fearsome Five infighting,  from TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #58 [1985]. 

Mystic Mayhem

Later, Jinx was inducted as a member of Villainy, Inc. – a group of criminals gathered by the Atlantean queen Clea. The team was taken to Skartaris, where Clea hoped to capture the Golden City of Shamballah and its computer core. Wonder Woman arrived and united the people of Skartaris in a counter-attack. Meanwhile, the mysterious Trinity revealed herself  as a living computer virus created by Skartaran scientists, with the secret agenda of “rebooting” the land to its previous state.Wonder Woman stopped both Trinity and Clea, escorting Villainy Inc. back to the modern era.

Dr. Sivana gathers the revamped Fearsome Five in OUTSIDERS #14 [2004].

Sometime later, Dr. Sivana organized a revamped Fearsome Five team comprised of Psimon, Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth, and a newly-restored Shimmer. The newly formed group was hired to initiate a corporate espionage plot against Lexcorp, but their efforts were undone by Nightwing’s Outsiders team.

Since then, Jinx has remained with the Fearsome Five although its membership is constantly changing. Plagued by personal agendas and constant in-fighting, the evil organization’s biggest obstacles can often be found within its own ranks!

 Powers & Abilities

Jinx is an awesome elemental sorceress whose abilities include (but aren’t limited to): mystical force bolts, ability to dissolve matter, and create green flames and earth tremors. Jinx’s abilities are tied to elemental forces and her powers are limited by her contact with the ground at her feet.


ABOVE: Jinx uses her powers.
BELOW: A more recent incarnation of the team.



Essential Reading

Tales of the Teen Titans #56-58 [1985]: The Fearsome Five, without Dr. Light, invade S.T.A.R. Labs and take Neutron and Jinx to be their new teammates; Cyborg’s refit is completed, but his body rejects the parts; The Fearsome Five are defeated; Cyborg is brought back to health and meets Dr. Sarah Charles; Jericho is made a full-fledged Titan. First appearances of Sarah Charles. First appearance of Jinx. Jinx and Neutron join the Fearsome Five.
Wonder Woman #178-183 [2002]: Wonder Woman’s quest leads to Skartaris, where she confronts the new Villainy, Inc., that’s out to subjugate this world. Only the Amazon Princess can bring peace to the land of Warlords and kings. Plus, the Troia backup continues as Donna begins her own quest – to find the new Cheetah. Origin of Jinx in issue #180.
Outsiders #13-15 [2004]: -The Fearsome Five are back – and worse than ever – in the 3-part “Five by Five!” Organized by Dr. Sivana, Mammoth, Gizmo, Psimon, Jinx, and a newly-restored Shimmer wreak havoc. Shimmer restored to life in issue #13.
Outsiders #29-30 [2005] : Sabbac joins the Fearsome Five and ensnares the seven deadly sins.
Teen Titans #72-74 [2009]: The Calculator hires Mammoth, Shimmer and Jinx to free Nano and Rumble from Alcatraz Prison. His true objective is to exact revenge on the Teen Titans, whom he blames for the death of his son, Marvin. To this end, Calculator plans to trap the Titans on Alcatraz Island, where where a nuclear-powered inmate will reach critical mass. Calculator’s plan is thwarted when Eddie Bloomberg uses the T-jet to fly the inmate away – at the cost of Eddie’s own life.Calculator also kidnaps Kid Eternity and forces the mystic teen to repeatedly summon the spirit of his dead son, Marvin.First appearances of Nano and Rumble in issue #73. Death of Eddie Bloomberg in issue #74.
Titans #20 [2010]: Spotlight on Donna Troy! What happens when a young twenty-something woman feels like she grew up too fast and deprived herself of a twenty-something kind of life? As Donna ponders this, the Fearsome Five continue their Titans revenge streak. They picked the wrong time to do it…


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