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Jillian Jackson

Beast Boy’s Girlfriend

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Character History

Doomed Romance

Although many of Garfield Logan’s fellow classmates shunned him because of his green-hued appearance, fellow classmate Jillian Jackson reached out to him. It was at this time that Jillian and Gar began dating.

After the demise of the Doom Patrol, Gar Logan returned to his acting job with the Space Trek: 2022 TV series. Gar’s move to the West Coast put his relationship with Jillian on hold. But after the series’ unceremonious cancellation, Gar was reunited with Jillian, who showed up at his doorstep in L.A. Although her father objected to their relationship because of Gar’s appearance and unconventional lifestyle, Jillian and Gar continued to date.

Gar recalls his history with Jillian in TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS (mini series) #3 [1982].

Soon after, an old Doom Patrol foe known as the Arsenal returned and kidnapped Jillian. Trailing the armored villain to his castle hideout, Beast Boy discovered that the Arsenal was actually his unscrupulous former guardian, Nicholas Galtry. Gar learned that Galtry had hired the original Arsenal to eliminate the Doom Patrol, and had now usurped the costumed criminal’s identity himself. His goal: hold Jillian for ransom and regain the money he had lost when Gar Logan’s guardianship had been taken from him.

Beast Boy contacted Vernon Questor, who was in charge of Steve Dayton’s finances while Mento searched for the killers of the Doom Patrol, but he was unable to attain the needed ransom money. Galtry then left Beast Boy trapped in an airtight room while he attempted to get the ransom paid by Jillian’s father instead. Escaping, Beast Boy battled Galtry/Arsenal, shattered the villain’s armored costume, and defeated him.

Think Pink

Shortly after that, Jillian was sent to a British finishing school to complete her high school education. The transfer was engineered by her father in an attempt to keep Jillian and Gar apart. In retaliation, Jillian entered into a rebellious phase and adopted a punk look, dying her hair pink.

ABOVE: Jillian returns from London finishing school in TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #47 [1984].
BELOW: Jillian was Gar’s wedding date in TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #50 [1984].

Soon after the the death of the duplicitous Terra, Jillian Jackson returned from boarding school in Europe and re-entered Gar’s life. She was able to ease some of his loneliness following Terra’s bitter betrayal and subsequent demise – and the two teens quickly resumed their romantic relationship.

Sometime later, a conflict with the Wildebeest Society turned the Titans upside down. As the team entered a constant state of flux, a new girl named Terra appeared, who looked exactly like the original. Although at first unnerved by her appearance, Gar faced an undeniable attraction to her. After repeated attempts to mend their strained relationship, Jillian and Gar’s romance eventually dissolved.

ABOVE: Jillian and Tara argue over Gar in NEW TITANS #96 [1993].
BELOW: Happier times, in TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS (mini series) #3 [1982].


Essential Reading

The Doom Patrol #99 [1965]: First appearance of Beast Boy. Doom Patrol headquarters is invaded by Gar Logan, a teenager with green skin and the ability to transform himself into any known animal. Dubbing him “Beast Boy,” the Doom Patrol grants his desire to join them on a mission, and he manages to save the day. First appearance of Jillian Jackson.
The Doom Patrol #118 [1968]: Jillian Jackson becomes Gar Logan’s girlfriend in this story. Jillian also appears in #119.
The Doom Patrol #120 [1968]: Mento, Elasti- Girl, Gar Logan, and Gar’s girlfriend Jillian Jackson become involved in a brawl at a discotheque, with humorous results. Jillian’s last appearance until New Teen Titans
Tales of the New Teen Titans #3 [1982]: 4-issue mini series. As the Titans take a break on a camping trip, the new members reveal their origins. Gar details his relationship with Jillian.
Tales of the Teen Titans #47 [1984]: Jillian Jackson reenters Gar’s life when she returns from a London finishing school.She remains his girlfriend throughout the series as well as New Teen Titans (second series) #1-49 and New Titans #50-96.
New Titans #96 [1993]: Gar spends more time with Terra. In issue #96, Jillian Jackson confronts Gar about not returning her phone calls, sensing Terra is the reason. Last appearance of Jillian to date.

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