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Jay Faerber’s Original Titans Proposal

An Immodest Proposal

by Jay Faerber
Prepared for Eddie Berganza on 1-31-00
originally presented on www.

Hi, Eddie & Mo!

You guys can’t imagine how thrilled I am to be asked to submit this outline, and I hope my enthusiasm shows through. I think the 6-month arc I put together contains the right balance of high-stakes action and character-driven drama, but I’m not married to it all, and I think it’s fluid enough to incorporate any upcoming DCU crossovers, or any new ideas that we may come up with along the way. Thanks for letting me show you some of my ideas for the Titans!

Four Old Friends (and Two New Ones)

Having a permanent six-member team makes it easier to spotlight all our members, and to tell the personal stories that have become the hallmark of any Titans series. With that in mind, here’s what’s in store for our favorite Titans in the coming months:

Nightwing: A natural-born leader, Dick knows the team better than anyone, but Jesse has pointed out that perhaps he knows them a little too well, and this observation finds him questioning his own judgment. As the Titans face bigger, and more dire, threats, Dick begins to consider Jesse his second-in-command, counting on her to find the holes in his theories; the gaps in his logic, motivated by his long-standing personal relationships with so many of the team members. In addition, with Wally gone, and Roy and Garth consumed by their busy personal lives, Dick finds himself renewing his ages-old friendship with Donna, and continuing to establish a new one with Jesse.

Troia: If Dick is the soul of the Titans, Donna is unquestionably the heart. Still struggling to find her place in the world, Donna knows that the Titans are her family; the one place she does fit in. In an effort to reclaim some kind of “life,” Donna restarts her photography career, by getting a studio in the Village. She also finds herself becoming more and more attached to Lian, despite the fact that she and Roy phase out of their “couple” status.

Arsenal: Roy finally decides to stop mooching off the other Titans and lands a job as a sales rep / weapons tester for Kord Inc. He also enters into a relationship with NYPD Detective Dakota Jamison, a Brooklyn-born cop with Native American heritage, who shares his love of weapons. But he fails to consider how this relationship will affect Lian, who begins clinging to Donna even more tightly.

Tempest: With a wife and daughter in his life now, Garth finds himself possibly the most mature member of the team. Additionally, with the revamped roster, he finds himself possibly its most powerful member – a far cry from his early days, where he often felt useless. Also, Garth’s “big-brother”-like relationship with Toni will continue to evolve.

Jesse Quick: Jesse serves as Dick’s second-in-command, applying the skills she developed as a CEO to managing a super-team. Her mom, Liberty Belle, will be around to meddle in Jesse’s life, constantly needling her to get out of the super-hero business. And Jesse will start to wonder if her mom’s got a point, when Libby is the victim of a brutal attack by one of the Titans’ enemies.

Argent: In an effort to have a more well-rounded life, Toni enrolls in Hudson University, and learns to enjoy her “celebrity status” (since she’s incapable of having a secret ID). She even lands the most popular kid in school as her new boyfriend. But things soon go south when he starts getting abusive with her, and despite her vast powers, Toni doesn’t defend herself – because she thinks she can save him, and turn him around by loving him.

The First Six Months…

#21 / Sept. 2000


In this “jumping-on issue,” we reintroduce readers to our six Titans, as seen through the eyes of Jesse Quick, who narrates the issue via her personal journal. We highlight the team in battle when they prevent the Masters of Disaster from assassinating newly-appointed New York Police Commissioner Hall, at his initiation ceremony.


>> During the clash with the Masters of Disaster, Roy meets Dakota.
>> Toni enrolls at Hudson University.
>> Dick is tormented over Batman’s apparent death (as depicted in the arc running through BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS).
>> Garth brings his son (if he’s got him back from the kidnappers by this point) to Titans Island for the first time.
>> Donna restarts her photography career.
>> Epsilon, a flashy young hero, makes his debut. Is he destined to join the Titans…? No, but we’ll want readers to think he is!
>> Gaea, the Earth Mother (and mother of the mythological Titans!), awakens from her slumber, proclaiming that in order for the Earth to live, mankind must die!

#22 / Oct. 2000 “The Gaea Hypothesis, part one”


The Titans receive numerous reports of a beautiful woman who’s destroying logging camps, oil rigs, chemical plants, etc. – anything harmful to the environment. When they finally catch her in the act, Gaea unleashes her Three Furies on them. The Titans defeat the Furies, and try to convince Gaea that not all mankind is evil. Sure, we have our share of polluters, but her acts of vengeance are having a ripple effect – cutting into the lives of innocent people. The Titans propose that Gaea let them bring the offenders to justice. Gaea can’t allow herself to do that, and because her actions are having a ripple effect anyway, she unleashes her most terrifying creation – Typhon, a 100-headed monster – to wipe the entire planet clean!


>> Garth is conflicted when it comes to stopping Gaea, because his Atlantean background makes him a lot more aware of environmental atrocities than any of the other Titans.
>> Chanda has a secret meeting with a group of Quraci radicals.
>> Argent enjoys her celebrity status at Hudson, and is wooed by Pete Delaney, a popular rugby player and frat boy.
>> Roy lands a job with Kord, Inc.
>> Epsilon’s true colors are revealed when he brutally kills a little-known super-hero (I’d love to use a DCU 3rd-stringer, but we can always make up someone new). Who will be his next victim …?

#23 / Nov. 2000 “The Gaea Hypothesis, part two”


The Titans fight valiantly against the gigantic Typhon, but soon realize they’re hopelessly outmatched. With the JLA off-planet, they enlist the aid of the Amazon and Atlantean armies, who help them defeat the hideous creature. The Titans are finally able to convince Gaea to return to her slumber, by reminding her that the Gods decided long ago to let mankind run its course – for better or for worse.


>> Using Titans resources, Chanda locates Deathstroke, and, on behalf of the nation of Quarac, hires him to kill Cheshire!

#24 / Dec. 2000 “The Trial of Cheshire, part one”


Cheshire finally goes on trial for her nuclear attack on Quarac, and Roy is subpoenaed to testify for the prosecution, because he was working for Checkmate when Cheshire stole several nuclear warheads from the former Soviet Union. This situation causes anxiety for the Titans, as they wonder whether Roy will perjure himself to save the woman he supposedly loves. But that’s the least of their worries when Deathstroke tries to kill Cheshire!


>> Argent meets Epsilon, as the two team up to thwart a bank robbery.
>> Jesse’s life is turned upside down when her mother, Liberty Belle, visits.
>> Roy has a terrible first date with Dakota, because he’s so distracted by Cheshire’s impending trial.

#25 / Jan. 2001, “The Trial of Cheshire, part two”


The Titans have to protect Cheshire not only from Deathstroke, but from The Jihad, a group of Quaraci super-villains, who come looking for revenge. And in the confusion, Cheshire manages to escape (perhaps with a little help from Roy? … He’ll never tell!).


>> Epsilon kills another hero.

#26 / Feb. 2001 “Rising S.T.A.R.”


Amazo attacks S.T.A.R. labs, intent on stealing a new isotope for his master, Professor Ivo. When the Titans arrive on-scene, they find Epsilon has already engaged the villain. Impressed by how fiercely he fights against overwhelming odds, the Titans pitch in and manage to render Amazo inert. The Titans invite Epsilon to stop by their tower anytime, and they part as friends. Later that night, Epsilon breaks into Jesse’s apartment, intending to make her his next victim, but he only finds Liberty Belle. She manages to escape his vicious attack, but just barely.


>> Roy wants to give Chanda another chance, but Lian (and the rest of the Titans) want her fired for hiring Deathstroke to kill Cheshire.
>> Troubled by the recent events with her mother, Lian seeks solace with Donna, instead of Roy.…

And Beyond

>> The Titans from KINGDOM COME (Nightstar, Darkstar, Kid Flash, Tula, and Red Hood) arrive in our timeline, hunting Epsilon. Our Titans, thinking Epsilon is a hero, defend him, until the KC Titans convince them that Epsilon is actually a serial killer of super-heroes, who’s terrorized the super-heroes of many other worlds. The two groups of Titans then team up to bring Epsilon to justice, while struggling to reconcile their bizarre familial connections.

>> The 1,000, a secret cartel comprised of America’s most powerful men (Bill Gates and Steve Forbes-types), seek to dominate the world, and in order for them to secure NYC as their base of operations, they set out to discredit and utterly ruin the Titans. But standing in their way is … Damien Darhk? That’s right, Damien Darhk’s next mission is to take down, or, rather, show up the 1,000. Why? Because his father is their ringleader, and Damien’s got serious issues. And as the Titans get wind of what’s going on, Jesse infiltrates the organization in her civilian ID as the CEO of Quickstart.

>> Dr. Light and his new Fearsome Five (who we’ll hopefully introduce in the TITANS / YOUNG JUSTICE one-shot that Vaughan and I pitched) return to make the Titans’ lives miserable.

>> The Titans are shocked when they learn that Argent’s boyfriend, Pete, is physically abusing her.

>> Roy’s relationship with Dakota becomes more serious, but Lian rejects Dakota in favor of Donna.

>> Slizzath returns for revenge against Garth, and he’s brought an army of dead Titans with him!

>> The Titans get a new supporting cast member in the form of Lian’s new nanny. I’m thinking it’s an existing DCU character — two possibilities that spring to mind are Rose Wilson or Oberon.

>> A new, more efficient Tartarus is brought together.

>> The Titans are reunited with Vic “Cyborg” Stone, who’s now working as a DEO Agent.

>> The Titans are faced with a puzzling murder mystery when someone kills Mr. Jupiter!

The Wrap-Up

Again, guys, I can’t express my enthusiasm for this project enough. Marv and George’s work on NEW TEEN TITANS is what got me into comics in the first place, and I’d consider it an honor and a privilege to carry on in the fine tradition of the creators who came before me (including that hack, Grayson). If I get the job, I can promise you not only will you get all my enthusiasm and talent, but you’ll get it on time, each and every month!


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