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Jay Faerber on Titans: Comics Wire News Items

Jay Faerber on Titans: Comics Wire News Items
info courtesy of, Comic Wire by Beau Yarbrough.


October 12, 2000 – info courtesy of, Comic Wire by Beau Yarbrough

Superheroes and their nemeses are like family. Sometimes literally. Fans of DC Comics’ Titans will be seeing the daughter of assassin Deathstroke the Terminator moving into Titans Tower.

“All you need to know about Rose is that she’s Deathstroke’s daughter, and she’s tough as nails,” series writer Jay Faerber said Wednesday at DC Comics’ official Titans message board. “She hasn’t had any kind of coup de grace, which is what I like about her — she’s got lots of potential, and lots of empty spaces to fill in. “And I wanted to tell you guys that we’ve got a new cover artist … but I ain’t saying who. Mwa-ha-ha!!”

On the other hand, Devin Grayson recently moved out of Titans Tower. Faerber’s former co-writer on “The Titans,” Titans fans might well be seeing more of her work again at some point soon. “Right now, Devin’s concentrating on ‘Gotham Knights’ and is in the very early stages of a couple top-secret projects, one of which is mildly Titans-related. That’s all I can say for now,” Faerber said.

November 27, 2000 – info courtesy of, Comic Wire by Beau Yarbrough

Sure, the newest issue of DC Comics’ “The Titans” just hit stands, but writer Jay Faerber is already giving fans some peeks into their near future. “Chanda is history,” Faerber told fans at DC Comics’ Titans message board last week.

“#23 is the last we’ll see of her (for the foreseeable future). Did she betray the Titans? We may never know. She claims she didn’t, and Roy seems to believe her, but that may always be ambiguous. Two things are for sure: Roy’s going to have find a new nanny, and the Titans are going to have to beef up security!”

A new (apparent) superhero named Epsilon has been hanging around recently, and in the latest issue of “Titans,” he seems to be one of the only people on Earth who isn’t confused by a trick that’s left Troia an unknown to all her family and friends. Faerber’s not spoiling that surprise any time soon.

“He’s supposed to be mysterious. Why would I give details away here, on a message board? But just in the interest of playing fair, I will tell you that all bets are off as to his true identity. He may be someone we’ve seen before, or he may not. You’ll just have to read the book to find out!”

In other Titans matters, Faerber said fans could look forward to a “glimpse” of Beast Boy in issue #25 and more use of Tempest’s mystical powers. As for Donna, while her identity problems with presumably be straightened out, the guest appearance of Green Lantern Kyle Rayner in the last issue doesn’t mean the two will be getting romantically involved again any time soon.

“While I bet Kyle will always have some sort of feelings for Donna, I don’t expect them to be explored anytime soon, simply because Judd Winnick (the ‘Green Lantern’ writer) seems to be heading in a different direction.”

TITANIC EXPANSION: Just who are those new kids?
courtesy of Wizard #116, 2001

Looks like the Titans will have unexpected houseguests this spring. A group of tive new characters, who first popped up in the shadows of February’s #26, stick around through issues #27-#28 and one, some or all of them may wind up joining the squad. There’s Grace, the leader and super-agile athlete of the team; Zeke, the muscle of the gang; Eli, who can control time and generate energy fields; Scrap, a young kid with blossoming magnetic powers and Nikki, an autistic girl whose powers mirror her violent emotions.


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