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Jay Faerber on Leaving Titans

Jay Faerber on Leaving Titans
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Next spring/early summer is shaping up to be a transition period for many of the big two’s signature properties, and you can apparently add another to the list.

Newsarama recently heard a creative shift on DC’s Titans was in the works, more specifically with the writer’s slot. Newsarama contacted current Titans’ writer Jay Faerber to comment on the validity of the buzz, and he responded, confirming his upcoming exit from the title.

“It’s true, I resigned from Titans recently,” replied Faerber. “Issue #41 (May) will be my last.”

Asked to explain the exit, Faerber responded, “This was a real choice assignment for me, because I really enjoy the characters. But the problem with getting a chance to write characters you grew up reading about – and have very passionate ideas for – is that you’re sometimes too close to them. I learned a lot from editor Andy Helfer during our run together (and Titans #30 stands out as a personal favorite), but we just had different ideas about what the book should be about. A lot of times that sort of give-and-take between creators makes for better stories, but in this instance, we were never able to get into a real solid groove, and I think the book was suffering because of it. So, rather than just sit there and collect a paycheck, which would’ve been disrespectful to both Andy and the book’s loyal fans, I opted to bow out, so Andy could find a writer more in line with his vision for the book.

“My biggest regret is that I’ll only get to do a handful of issues with Barry Kitson. He’s a fantastic artist, and we really clicked during our short run. As I write this, he’s just starting on #39, and his first two issues look just amazing. We’ve already vowed to work together again someday, and if he wasn’t exclusive to DC, you can bet I’d have nabbed him for a Noble Causes back-up.

Speaking of Noble Causes, the book’s continuing along at a great pace,” the writer continued. “We’ve been blown away by the great critical response to our introductory one-shot, and since we’re worked a lot of the bugs out, the book’s looking better than ever. Randy (The Dollz) Green has done a variant cover for NC #2 that’s just breathtaking.

Leaving Titans has also freed me up to devote more time to creator-owned work at other companies. I’ve written a 48-page one-shot for Moonstone Books tentatively called Falling Star: From The Files Of The Hat Squad, set in 1950s Hollywood, about an elite group of LAPD detectives. While this story (and its characters) are fictional, the Hat Squad actually existed back in the 50s and 60s (and were the subject of a TV series and at least two feature films). They were badass cops who worked high profile cases, frequently using questionable methods. This project is really going to surprise people. I’m known for superhero stuff, but before I got into comics I had written a pretty big chunk of a mystery novel, so it’s great to be able to flex those crime muscles again. There’s no release date yet, as we’re still filling out the rest of the creative team. But I’ll tell you this – Moonstone publisher Joe Gentile and I are so happy with this project, we’re already talking about a sequel.

“Aside from that, I’ve got two other projects firmly lined up at two different companies, and a few more in development elsewhere. I’ll be sure to start yapping about this stuff as soon as I’m able.”

Back to the , DC did not comment on the change when asked by Newsarama, though current rumors suggest writer Tom Peyer may be in line to take over the series following Faerber’s exit.

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