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Jamal Igle Named New Nightwing Artist

Jamal Igle Named New Nightwing Artist
By Matt Brady – 11-01-2006 – courtesy of

And the changes in Nightwing’s life just keep coming.

Not too long ago, fans of the character and DC series were thrilled when it was announced that Marv Wolfman, co-creator of the character would be joining the series as its regular writer, with Dan Jurgens stepping on to handle the art chores. Since then, Wolfman’s initial four-issue run was extended, and – as DC has confirmed for Newsarama – he’s now the “regular writer” on the title. Now, another change – the publisher has confirmed that Jamal Igle, most recently the regular artist on Firestorm will join the series as regular artist with issue #129.

We caught up with the artist for an e-mail interview.

Newsarama: First off Jamal, obviously – how did you land the gig? You were coming off of Firestorm, and…boom. Was Nightwing something you were looking for?

Jamal Igle: Well, it was a surprise actually. When Stuart Moore and I made the decision to leave Firestorm, I had a few discussions with editorial about what my next step would be. Leaving Firestorm after 2-plus years was very difficult for me, I’d grown really attached to the series and the characters. Keith Champagne and myself had been scheduled to join the 52 art team rotation, when I got a call from Mike Siglain offering me Nightwing.
I think my initial reaction was “You’re @$#$%^ing kidding, right? Please don’t tell me this is a joke.” He didn’t, and I jumped on immediately.

NRAMA: So you’re a fan?

JI: Oh yeah. I was a fan, as a lot of us were back in the day of The New Teen Titans, so that two panel shot of Nightwing and Jericho being introduced for the first time is burned into my brain.

Nightwing is a book I’ve been waiting to get my hands on since it started. I have every single issue of Nightwing, which says a lot because I don’t have a lot of comics. I have all the annuals, The Target one shot, everything. I still have sample pages I did 8 years ago of Nightwing #32, so to say that I am extremely excited to be doing this book is a huge understatement.

NRAMA: Tonally, how is Nightwing different from Firestorm? Does the differences in the heroes’ powers and approaches affect/influence how you tackle the whole book?

JI: With Firestorm, we were for the most part going for a very bright look visually. There were a lot of special effects and brightly colored characters. Firestorm is all about fusion blast and aerial dogfights with the likes of the Pionic man and Multiplex. Nightwing is more of a street level hero. He mixes it up with the bad guys with nothing more than his skills and weapons. One of the things I want to do is get more of what Scott McDaniel and Phil Hester brought to the book during their runs. I started out in the business doing books like Shi, Daredevil/Shi and Iron Fist/ Wolverine: Return to Kun Lun. It’s been a long time but I’m looking forward to cracking a few heads open, artistically speaking.

NRAMA: Artistically only… Speaking of the character himself, Nightwing is one of the best martial artists in the DCU – how does that influence your take? It’s probably safe to assume that he carries himself differently than anyone else…he’d move, walk, run, heck, even sit differently…what do you use for influences and inspiration?

JI: When I got the assignment the first thing I started doing was compiling footage. Fight footage including KFM, Wushu, Thai Boxing and Escrima work, as well as boning up on the martial arts that I have been keeping an eye on Karate, Kung fu, Ninjitsu. I also started watching a lot of freerunning videos and movies like District B-13, The protector any thing by Tony Jaa, Jet Li, Jackie Chan and others.

In my mind, Dick is all about movement. He paces when he talks. He’s always looking around himself. He juggles, he walks on railings. He’s never stiff or rigid, he’s always ready to move. Not like a coiled spring but more like water.

NRAMA: Does Nightwing ever sit still?

JI: Never, you need to nail his feet to the floor or else he’ll do a hand stand, balancing himself on a chair.

NRAMA: You’re a martial artist yourself – going to push harder for authenticity in his moves now?

JI: Yes and no. I’ll be bringing some grounded moves but at the same time this is a comic book, so there will be that “Hong Kong” action flick level as well.

NRAMA: Nightwing’s been around the DCU, and has taken on virtually everyone, from thugs to aliens. Where’s he best in his element?

JI: In the streets of New York, mixing it up with the guys no one else can handle. Nightwing’s the best of the best and it’s high time we reminded every one of that.

NRAMA: So – tease a little if you can – what’s coming up?

JI: Marv and I have some cool stuff planned, a new rouges gallery of Dick. Nothing I can elaborate on right now.

NRAMA: But at least…are you and Marv making long-term plans here? Figuratively buying curtains for the series…

JI: Oh yeah. My run looks like it will be a pretty long one. Marv and I talked for the first time at San Diego this past summer and we’ve stayed in contact. It’s turning into a pretty collaborative experience so we’ll see. I’m a fan of his so I was a little star struck but he’s a really nice guy and I look forward to working with him.


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