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Jack Drake

Robin’s Father

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A well-respected businessman and archeologist, Jack Drake’s career brought him around the world. He did settle down long enough long enough to court a young woman named Janet, who later became his wife. The couple became a strong team in business, expanding their endeavors into a multinational company whose assets rivaled those of Wayne Enterprises.

Unknown to Jack and Janet, their son Tim had deduced the secret identities of Batman and the original Robin. The intrepid teenager tracked down Bruce Wayne and petitioned to become the new Robin. At first reluctant, Batman eventually witnessed the young man’s resourcefulness and conceded to train him as his new Boy Wonder.

Jack and Janet later vacationed in the Caribbean to renew the sparks of their romance. There, they fell victim to the deadly Obeah Man, an insane voodoo priest. While Tim continued his training as Robin, Batman took a direct interest in the Drakes’ kidnapping and went to the Caribbean to free them. However, the Dark Knight was too late to save Janet, who died from the Obeah Man’s slow-acting poison. Jack nearly lost his his life as well, and was left paralyzed some time after his rescue.

ABOVE: Jack and Janet are victims of the Obeah Man in DETECTIVE COMICS #620 [1990].
BELOW: Jack and his new wife, Dana, worry about Tim in ROBIN #25 [1995].

Jack later regained full mobility, thanks to the help of therapist Dana Winters. The much-younger Dana was immediately attracted to her patient, sparking a romance that was the source of much happiness for Jack. The couple eventually wed, and Tim developed a friendly relationship with his new step-mother. The Drakes were also assisted by their housekeeper, Mrs. McIlvane, who had helped the family since Jack’s convalescence.

The Drakes suffered hardship when Jack’s company went bankrupt, forcing Tim to drop out of the prestigious Brentwood Academy and return to Gotham public school.

Tim feels guilty lying to his father, as shown in TEEN TITANS (third series) #8 [2004].

With the loss of his wife still a fresh memory, Jack became highly protective of Tim – particularly in light of his son’s frequent absences. The situation escalated when Robin joined the Teen Titans, forcing Tim to concoct a cover story where he claimed to attend a Engineering Vocational School on weekends. Jack began to doubt his sons claims, leading him to ransack Tim’s room and discover his hidden Robin costume. A furious Jack deduced Bruce Wayne was Batman and confronted him with  a gun. Tensions eased when Tim arrived to intervene, explaining to his father that he was never coerced to become Robin. Not wishing to cause his father further pain, Tim agreed to relinquish his Robin identity.

The situation was short-lived, however, when a massive gang war erupted in Gotham. The war seemingly claimed the life of Tim’s girlfriend, Stephanie Brown, who has assumed the Robin mantle in his absence. Tim felt compelled to resume his Robin identity, a decision that Jack came to understand and respect.

But just as Jack came to terms with his son’s life as a super-hero, he was killed by Captain Boomerang during the murder mystery surrounding the death of Sue Dibny. The orphaned Tim Drake was later adopted by Bruce Wayne.

Tim Drake discovers his father’s murder scene in IDENTITY CRISIS #6 [2005].


 Essential Reading

New Titans #60-61, Batman #440-442 [1989]: “A Lonely Place of Dying” Speedy rejoins the group at Nightwing’s request; Timothy Drake helps Batman and Nightwing defeat Two-Face, and Batman soon agrees to let Timothy become the new Robin. First appearance and origin of Tim Drake Robin. 
Detective Comics #618-621 [1990]: 
“Rite of Passage” storyline, focusing on Tim Drake. The Obeah Man kidnaps Jack and Janet Drake and poisons them. Jack Drake falls into a coma while Janet Drake dies.
Robin #12 [1994]: Jack Drake meets his new physical therapist, Dana Winters.
Robin #99-100 [2003]: Tim Drake leaves the prestigious Brentwood  Academy when his father has a financial setback.
Teen Titans #8 [2004]: Who is Raven? The Teen Titans get a crash course on this mysterious former Titan, and what her reappearance could mean. Tim feels guilty about lying to his father concerning his Teen Titans activities.
Robin #124-125 [2005]:  Jack Drake deduces that Tim is actually Robin and confronts Bruce Wayne with a gun. Shocked and angered at Tim’s betrayal and Bruce’s purported manipulations, Jack demands that Tim give up as Robin. A distraught Tim complies.
Identity Crisis #5-6 [2005]:  Jack Drake and Captain Boomerang are victims of a double-bind trap, which claims both their lives.
Teen Titans #20 [2005]: Robin continues to cope with the loss of his father while the Teen Titans are asked to track down one loose end from Identity Crisis: the armor of Lex Luthor.


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