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J Torres & Sanford Greene on Wonder Girl: Champion

J Torres & Sanford Greene on Wonder Girl: Champion
The creators talk about the Wonder Girl: Champion mini series

WW Philly ’07: Wonder Girl First Details
Championing sidekicks everywhere.
by Dan Phillips – courtesy of – June 16, 2007

June 16, 2007 – As Amazons Attacks winds down this fall, a key member of the Wonder Woman, Teen Titans and Young Justice franchises will be spinning off into her own mini-series.

Today, at its afternoon WizardWorld Philly panel, DC Comics announced that Wonder Girl would get her own six issue mini-series – Wonder Girl: Chammpion. Champion will ship this fall, with J. Torres scheduled to write and Sanford Greene on art. For first details, IGN Comics turned to Torres. As always, stay tuned to IGN for the latest on Amazons Attack and Wonder Girl: Champion.

IGN Comics: Can you give us a little background on your Wonder Girl mini-series, how it came about, and why it’s necessary?

J. Torres: Well the series is called Wonder Girl: Champion, and it’s a six-issue miniseries. It basically came about as I was developing something else for DC, and this kind of came up and it was sort of related, so what I was pitching basically evolved into this Wonder Girl mini.

The thing about Wonder Girl is that in the last year she’s really gone through a lot of stuff. You know, with Superboy dying, and Amazons Attack, and the stuff with the Titans, and Donna and bla bla bla – it goes on and on. If you think about it, she’s been featured in a lot of different stories and a lot of different books that aren’t her own, so there are a lot of stories there. But because she’s not necessarily the star of those books or the main focus, we haven’t been able to tie-up all the loose ends or give her all the attention needed to tell her story.

With Wonder Girl: Champion, we kind of do that and bring it all together. You see the consequences of Amazons Attack, Cassie dealing with the loss of Connor, how she’s sort of in a transition with the Titans that Sean McKeever’s doing, and there’s a little bit of Countdown stuff in there too. It all gets tied together. And I think she kind of deserves her own book.

If you think about it, out of the new Titans lineup, you’ve got Blue Beetle, Supergirl and Robin, and they’ve all got their own books. And I don’t know, I think Cassie has probably been around the longest – I don’t know the dates, so maybe Tim Drake has been around longer – but she’s been around a long time. So if all these characters can have their own book, why not Wonder Girl?

IGN Comics: Can you tell us a little bit about the plot?

J. Torres: We kind of spin off from Amazons Attack, and we see how Cassie kind of has to clean up after the Amazons and what happened in Washington. And she’s kind of pissed about it, because it seems like nobody else either seems to care as much as she does or feels as much responsibility to clean up the aftermath of the Amazons.

So she goes around cleaning and rounding up all the beasts that we’ve seen that were involved in the battles, and she’s kind of pissed off about nobody helping her. But at the same time, she’s kind of taking it upon herself and not letting anybody help her. That’s how the story starts, and as we progress, we’re going to get more and more into the fact that she’s a demigod. She’s the daughter of Zeus and the champion of Ares, with all these powers – what does that mean? She hasn’t really addressed that as much as I think she should have, or other books should have, so we’re getting a chance to explore that. What the hell does that mean? She’s the champion of Ares – so what? What does that mean? What are her duties, her responsibilities? She’s a god of war, is she supposed to be there to wage war, to be a war monger, to be a peacemaker, to end war…what is it?

At the same time, she’s got issues with Wonder Woman and the Titans she has to work through. And to complicate matters, here comes Hercules, who is essentially her half-brother. He comes in and says to her, “you’re better than these mortals. Why don’t you do something about your lineage and background?” So we get into that, and we tie into Countdown, which I can’t talk too much about, but I will see it involves more gods.

Hopefully by the end of it, we resolve some of Cassie’s issues and she battles the demons she’s been carrying since Connor’s death and the 52 stuff. And when she comes out of it, hopefully she has a new direction as Wonder Girl.

IGN Comics: Sounds great! We’re looking forward to the project! Thanks for talking to us, J!

J. Torres: My pleasure.

by Jennifer M. Contino – courtesy of – posted 09-17-2007

Just what are some of the repercussions for Wonder Girl’s involvement in the Amazon’s Attack? How is she going to pick up the pieces of her life after all her recent tragedy and move forward? Those are just a few of the things being explored in the Wonder Girl miniseries from J. Torres and Sanford Greene. Greene tells us what it’s like getting to work with this heroine for six issues.

THE PULSE: For our readers meeting you for the first time in this interview, what other work in comics have you completed so far?

SANFORD GREENE: past few years worked on Army of Darkness, cover artist for SONIC and PLAY magazine and Batman Strikes, Did issues for Legion of Super-heroes and Batman Strikes ( based on thee animation ). Also did character art for animation. Currently the artist for the new upcoming mini series Wonder Girl.

THE PULSE: How did you become the artist for the six-part Wonder Girl limited series? I know you’ve worked with J. Torres before … how did that play into things?

GREENE: We knew each work a few years earlier before he got on Teen Titans. We both wanted o do something but the timing was the issue. Finally I did a short Teen Titans Go! story and it got a lot of buzz.
J had already pitched the Wonder Girl story and my name got attached to it. The editors at DC liked the idea and the rest history.

THE PULSE: What interested you in taking on this character? She’s gotten a lot of attention in the DCU lately – especially after the events of Amazons Attack.

GREENE: Well DC thought she needed somewhat of a makeover. To make her more feminine and teenager like. To not make her WONDER WOMAN but WONDER GIRL. They thought I may be able to bring some youthfulness to the character but still keep aggressive side. So I became interested in trying to create new ways of envisioning her.

THE PULSE: Who are some of the artists you think defined this incarnation of Wonder Girl?

GREENE: Actually I think of a particular writer that has had the most influence on who she is thus far. Geoff Johns!! His writing began to put her in the fore front.

THE PULSE: How, if at all, has their influence come into the work you’re doing in the pages of Wonder Girl?

GREENE: A good bit of Geoff’s stories has helped me develop the look I have for her currently.

THE PULSE: How did you decide the art style to illustrate this in? It kind of has an animated vibe – at least the preview art that I’ve seen so far ….

GREENE: It dose have some animation influence. I am a huge fan of the animated and European styles.

THE PULSE: What is Wonder Girl facing in these six issues?

GREENE: I can’t really give much detail due to some other major tie-ins that will dictate where this book goes. But I can tell you is look for WG to be faced with some of her past, present and future that we will have to deal with. Thus redefining her. So stay tuned!!

THE PULSE: What are the challenges of working on a teenage character like this and keeping her looking age-appropriate?

GREENE: I think making sure she has the expressions and domineer of what a teenage girl. I have ” Sabrina The Teenaged Witch” on DVD. Just kidding….

THE PULSE: Who do you think are some masters at making their characters look the age each is supposed to be?

GREENE: Well some of the creators I think about is Ed McGuinness, Jason Pearson always seems to be able to bring that youth side of characters when they should be and I would have to say the guy that did better than anybody I know is the late great Mike Weiringo.

THE PULSE: What have been some of the biggest challenges to drawing this story so far?

GREENE: I think getting acquainted with the history of Wonder Girl and all of the things that makes her who she is. From the Amazons to The Titans.

THE PULSE: What have you enjoyed the most about getting the chance to leave your mark on Wonder Girl?

GREENE: Being able to say I had a say in where she goes from here is exciting. It would be cool to see a year from now what role she will have because of what I do now.

THE PULSE: What’s it like working with Nathan Massengill?

GREENE: Working with Nathan is great!!! We met back a few years ago at Heroes Con. We wanted to work together for the past few years and when saw this opportunity, we jumped on it!!! He inking over my work
looks awesome. I am very happy he is on board.

THE PULSE: How far ahead are you in this?

GREENE: Issue #3 and counting… lol

THE PULSE: What’s next for you after these six issues? What other projects are you working on?

GREENE: Well I have a few things before I go back with DC. I have a Wu Tang Clan GN which I am excited about. It will be launching next summer. I am also working on some animated projects. So stay tuned.


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