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Interview: JT Krul Takes Over Teen Titans

Interview: JT Krul Takes Over Teen Titans
The new writer for the Teen Titans fills us in on what he has planned!
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By Sara ‘Babs’ Lima  |  June 4, 2010

If you are a fan of Teen Titans and Titans, then you are probably familiar with J.T. Krul’s writing. It seems he is everywhere, splitting his time between Aspen’s Soulfire as well as his creator owned title, Mindfield, who’s first issue is set to hit store shelves on June 16th. However, that’s not all! J.T. has also been re-working Green Arrow and fitting him into the DCU. Yet, it looks like all these books are not enough for J.T., who as of Wednesday revealed on the DC Source blog that he would be taking over the Teen Titans series later this year. We caught up with J.T. to discuss the exciting news and to find out what we can expect with his takeover of the series! 

CV: After your work on Blackest Night: Teen Titans, did you anticipate that you would take over the series for the long term?

JT: Whenever I write any book, there is always a desire to stick with characters for a long haul – have the chance to build some great stories from the ground up.  It wasn’t anticipated, but I was hopeful that if I did well with the BN:Titans story that it might make a case for getting more Titans work.  Getting to tackle the main book is pure awesomeness.

CV: What is it like writing a book like Teen Titans? You have some experience with Soulfire (Aspen team book) but is this more difficult? Is it easier?

JT: It’s funny you mention Soulfire because I often liken that book to Teen Titans, especially with regard to the current volume.  Both feature younger teen characters thrust into danger and adventure.  It terms of ease or difficulty, the challenge really comes in making sure each member gets their time in the limelight.  As stories come and go, it’s easy for certain characters to get lost in the shuffle.  To be honest, it was more of a challenge with Fathom because I was focusing on a host of characters in different locales.  At least with Teen Titans, they are located in the same building – or rather tower.

CV: Will you be changing the team line-up? If so, who can we expect to see in the upcoming team book?

JT: I can’t say much about the line-up except that there will be a bit of a change.  But my plan is to stabilize the roster so that what you see in my first issue will still be the team twenty issues later.  That’s not to say other Titans won’t come into stories because there is a great library of titans in the DCU – but I want the core to remain intact.

CV: What kind of stories are you looking to tell? Anything you can reveal? What can fans anticipate?

JT: Can’t say much right now.  But, first and foremost, my goal is to tell great, entertaining stories that really put the Teen Titans in the spotlight.  I want to focus on the special bond that titans have – their strong sense of family.

CV: Who is your favorite Teen Titan character to write and why?  

JT: That’s a tough one to answer.  I’ll give you a few, that do not relate to the ones I’ll be writing on Teen Titans.  Contrary to the events unfolding in the Rise of Arsenal, Roy Harper is one of my all-time favorites.  Right now, he’s struggling and if you think it’s hard to read, it’s even harder to write.  He’s devastated by all that he’s lost and it shows in each and every page.  At it’s core, the story is about loss.  Ravager is also a personal favorite on mine – her struggle to overcome her dark past and violent nature.  She doesn’t make apologies and doesn’t want pity.   And while she would be the last to admit it, she desperately needs a family – one that isn’t comprised of villains and head cases.  Also, I really got into writing Beast Boy in BN:Titans.  He’s a romantic at heart, but has always seemed to fall to for the girls with the most baggage.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Raven, but she comes with an entire warehouse of baggage.

CV: Will we see the return of classic Teen Titan villains, or anyone new? Are there any non-Titans villains you would like to see face off against the TT?

JT: In a word – both.  As for non-Titan villains, I have ideas, but we’ll have to see how they play out.  Safe to say, the Teen Titans are going to have their hands full.


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