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Alias: Thaddeus Thawne

Titans East Member
Teen Titans [third series] #42 [2006]
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Inertia Quick Bio: In the 30th century, President Thawne created a a super-speedster of his own using Bart Allen’s DNA mingled with Thawne genetic material. The result was Thaddeus Thawne, a methodical teen speedster who traveled to the past and became Impulse’s arch-nemesis as Inertia. After manipulating the Flash Rogues into murdering Bart Allen, Thawne was later murdered by the Rogues in retaliation.

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Feud For Speed

The bitter feud between the Allen family and the Thawne family would span generations. Even in the 30th century, President Thawne sought to recruit Bart Allen in his revenge campaign against the Allens, since Bart was half-Thawne himself. When that failed, Thawne mixed Bart’s DNA with Thawne genetic material to create a speedster clone whom he named Thaddeus Thawne. Whereas Bart grew in a hyper-accelerated world, Thaddeus’ childhood was the exact opposite; His development was super-slow, which led the young speedster to become more calculating and methodical. Thaddeus was also taught to hate the Allen family, and Impulse in particular.

After years of indoctrinated hatred for the Allen family, Thaddeus traveled to the past and began to observe Impulse with the help of his technological servant, Craydl. Taking the name Inertia, Thaddeus fashioned a green “reverse-Impulse” costume and confronted the young hero. After meeting with failure, Inertia insisted the first encounter was merely a recon mission; After all, Thaddeus was Bart’s superior in every way.

After impersonating Bart Allen, Inertia seeks to gain his ultimate revenge in IMPULSE #66 [2000].

Inertia later ambushed Bart and held him prisoner in a virtual reality, while he assumed Impulse’s identity on earth. Once gaining Max Mercury’s trust, Inertia led him into a dangerous trap within the speed force, intending to kill him. When Impulse raced to save his mentor, Inertia witnessed the love and trust between the speedsters. At that moment, Inertia realized that his whole life had been dedicated to a centuries-old hatred – leaving his own life cold and empty as a result. Now enraged, Inertia bolted from the scene.

Titans East

In the wake of the Infinite Crisis, Inertia realized that Bart Allen – as the new Flash – had completely co-opted the Speed Force. Jealous that Bart has once again usurped him, Inertia gained super-speed from the speed drug known as Velocity 9. The supplier of this drug was none other than long-time Titans adversary, Deathstroke. In exchange for his super-speed, Inertia agreed to join Deathstroke’s Titans East team. As a member of the villainous team, Inertia became romantically involved with the hot-tempered Sungirl.

Titans East set up their own Titans Tower on the East River, the very same location of the old tower. Deathstroke had his own agenda, which was to reclaim his children, Ravager and Jericho. Titans East was nearly successful in that mission, until Nightwing, Flash, Troia and Beast Boy helped turn the tide and reclaim their island headquarters. The members of Titans East dispersed, unaware of Deathstroke’s true objective; By cementing his offspring as trusted members of the team, Slade knew the Titans would provide his children with a better family than he ever could.

Inertia is supplied the speed drug Velocity 9 from Deathstroke

Running With A Bad Crowd

After failing to defeat Bart Allen by himself, Inertia began to gather a Rogues Gallery of villains to team up against Flash. Meanwhile, Iris Allen returned and warned Bart that if he fought the newly formed league of Rogues, he would not survive. Inertia, in a plan to steal the speed force energy for himself, manipulated the Rogues into battle with Bart. As a depowered Bart fought valiantly against the combined might of the Rogues, he saw the spectre of the Black Flash, and died as Iris Allen and Valerie Perez were left to mourn him.

In the wake of Bart Allen’s death, Wally West returned to earth after an outer space exile. Enraged at Inertia’s role in Bart’s death, Wally hunted the teen speedster and struggled to devise a fitting punishment. Wally used his super-speed powers to slow Inertia’s movements, turning him into a living statue. He then placed Inertia on display at the Flash Museum, facing statues of Bart Allen, a constant reminder of the man he would never be.

The Rogues finally even the score! Thaddeus Thawne’s dead body is left at the
Keystone Police Station in FINAL CRISIS: ROGUES REVENGE #3 [2008].

As Inertia was being transferred to Iron Heights prison, an errant bolt of lightning rescued him from paralysis. The bolt was administered by Zoom, who sought to recruit Thaddeus Thawne as his own sidekick. Thawne complied, adopting the name Kid Zoom, along with a costume that was a reverse of the original Kid Flash garb worn by Wally West. But whereas Zoom instituted tragedy in a misguided attempt to test a hero’s mettle, Kid Zoom saw tragedy as an end unto itself.

Proving himself irredeemable, Kid Zoom killed Weather Wizard’s infant son. He also turned on his new mentor and reverted Zoom back to a wheelchair- bound Hunter Zolomon. In retaliation for being duped by Inertia, the Rogues exacted their own revenge in a combined attack – a bizarre echo to the way Bart Allen was killed months earlier. The Rogues left Thawne’s corpse at the Keystone Police Station, with a note that read “Tell the Flash we’re even.”

But even death didn’t completely stop the vengeful Inertia. The speedster was later plucked from the past by the deranged Superboy-Prime, who assembled his own ersatz “Legion of Doom” to gain a final revenge on the Teen Titans. But together, Titans past and present defeated the clones and trapped Superboy-Prime within the impenetrable Source Wall at the edge of the universe.

Inertia joins Superboy-Prime’s Legion of Doom in TEEN TITANS (third series) #100 [2011].

Powers & Abilities

Super-speed; Ability to vibrate through objects. Thaddeus Thawne is more methodical than Bart, which can give him an advantage in battle.

Essential Reading

Impulse #50–51 [1999]: Inertia observes Impulse from a distance.
Impulse #52-53 [1999]: First full appearance of Inertia. Inertia seeks revenge against Impulse in the name of the Thawnes.
Impulse #62–66 [2000]: Inertia poses as Bart in an elaborate plan to exact his final revenge.
Flash, The Fastest Man Alive #5-8 [2007]: Inertia teams up with Mota in an effort to take down the newest Flash, Bart Allen. Deathstroke supplies Inertia with the super-speed drug Velocity 9 in issue #7.
Teen Titans #43-46 [2006]: Led by Deathstroke, a Teen Titans East team consisting of Batgirl, Risk, Match, Kid Crusader, Enigma, Joker’s Daughter, Sun Girl and Inertia clash with the Teen Titans. Titans East fails, and it only results in cementing Deathstroke’s offspring as trusted members of the Titans. In truth, that was Slade’s true objective; He knew the Titans would provide his children with a better family than he ever could. First appearance of Titans East. First appearances of Kid Crusader and Sun Girl in issue #43.
Flash, The Fastest Man Alive #10-12 [2007]: Inertia gathers together the Rogues Gallery to team up against Flash.
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #13 [2006]: Inertia and the Rogues brutally murder Bart Allen after Inertia tries to steal the speed force energy.
All Flash #1 [2007]: In the wake of Bart Allen’s death, Wally West hunts Inertia. Inertia is immobilized and imprisoned in the Flash Museum.
Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge #1-3 [2008]: Wanted by the good guys, by former Rogue Pied Piper, and by the Secret Society of Super-Villains, The Rogues are on the run. Captain Cold and the Rogues only want one thing: revenge on Inertia, who duped them into his plan to murder Bart Allen. But Zoom has his own plans for Thaddeus (Inertia) Thawne, as he drafts him to become Kid Zoom, his super-powered sidekick. But Kid Zoom betrays his mentor by murdering Weather Wizards infant son, and reverting Zoom back to a powerless, wheelchair-bound Hunter Zolomon. But the Rogues finally even the score by murdering Thawne themselves. Inertia becomes Kid Zoom in issue #3. Death of Thaddeus Thawne in issue #3.
Teen Titans (third series) #99-100 [2011]: It’s all-out war as Titans old and new come together to face the greatest threat to their existence. Superboy-Prime gathers his own “Legion of Doom,” comprised of various Titans villains. He then creates an army of Superboy clones to besiege the Titans. Together, Titans past and present defeat the villains and trap Superboy-Prime within the impenetrable Source Wall at the edge of the universe.


 Deathstroke’s Dossier: Titans East

Meet Deathstroke’s new shock troops: Titans East!
Sneak a peek at his dossier on how they’ll take the Teen Titans down!

by Ben Morse & Geoff Johns
Originally published in Wizard Magazine #180 [2006]


I know the Teen Titans well. I’ve gone up against every incarnation of this team, for money, for pride or out of obligation – I’ve even fought on their Side a few times. I know them well enough to know they can’t be underestimated, Particularly not when they have Something i want – and right now, that is what they have.

The Titans are not like the Justice League – you can’t beat them with mere force. Their youth makes them unpredictable so only by gaining the upper hand before the first punch is thrown can you defeat them. I’ve formed a strike force specifically designed to take the Titans apart so I can get what I need. Whether the weakness they’ve been selected to exploit is physical or emotional, every member of my team has been selected only after great thought. They’re all here for a reason.

MATCH: The impact of their beloved Superboy’s death on the Titans cannot be overestimated. Match’s strength is an asset, but his true value lies in the psychological edge he provides. His presence guarantees that Wonder Girl – the most powerful Titan – will not be operating at full capacity.

JOKER’S DAUGHTER: When most people look at Duela Dent, they only see a woman who is completely insane. They overlook that this is somebody who has been a Teen Titan – who has been in their Tower and lived among them. I can deal with insanity when information comes hand in hand with it.

KID CRUSADER: Even the best-laid plans can be thrown off by a single wild card. To me, Kid Devil is a wild card. To Kid Crusader – the only person I can find who has even heard of Kid Devil – he’s the face of evil and must be eliminated at all costs.

BATGIRL: I watched Cassandra Cain dominate my daughter, Rose, in hand-to-hand combat – something I thought nearly impossible. How will Rose react when the foe she could not defeat Stands at her father’s side? And perhaps more importantly, Batgirl provides me with insight into Robin that is second to none. I’ve underestimated the Titans’ leader before. I don’t make the same mistake twice.

RISK: Because he chose to fight for the Teen Titans, Risk lost an arm. In his mind, he might as well have lost his life. He’s furious at the world, and fury is easily manipulated. The Titans will hesitate against him out of guilt, and that hesitation will be their undoing.

INERTIA: If I learned anything working with Zoom in the Society, it’s the value of a speedster – and the Titans do not have one. While Zoom had at least some twisted social conscience, Inertia has no conscience at all. He can take two Titans off the board before the others know what hit them. And if control proves an issue, I have no problem aiming for his kneecaps.

SUN GIRL: My most dangerous weapon and my greatest concern, Deborah Morgna harnesses the power of the sun, but her real talent – and true love – is manipulating others. Disturbingly, she reminds me a great deal of Terra. Even more disturbingly, she reminds me of Rose. Hopefully neither of those assessments indicates things to come.


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