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Image of The Week – Cyborg

Titanic art of Cyborg by Allan Goldman.

End of transmission. About this author:  I live in Brazil and I am a physicaltherapist. In my free time, I try to work on Torre Titã, a Brazilian blog inspired by I discovered the Titans with The New Teen Titans v2 #20. I fell in love with Donna Troy as soon as I saw her. And since I already loved Green Arrow, I instantly became a great fan of Speedy as well. Like all Titans fans, I still hope to see our Titans together again and done right. Read more from this author


  1. tamaranorbust

    Wow, that is one of the best pictures of Vic that I’ve ever seen. Amazing. Will Goldman be doing the other Titans??

  2. avatar

    I don’t know, Tamaranorbust… I own a “Kid Devil” by him…