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He’s a human flame-thrower with a fiery temper to match! Hotspot met the Titans when the evil Master of Games held his own Tournament of Heroes super-competition. The contest was actually a ruse – the Master of Games was out to steal their super-abilities to use for his own evil purposes. The boy heroes joined together to defeat the Master of Games.

After this adventure, Hotspot was given a Titans communicator and made an honorary member of the team. Later, the Brotherhood of Evil hunted down teen heroes around the globe. Hotspot encounted Madame Rouge in Morocco and was one of the first heroes to fall. Hotspot was later liberated by Beast Boy’s team of Titans. The combined might of Titans together led to the downfall of the Brotherhood.

  • The original synopsis listed Hotspot as ‘Joto’ – his name in the comic book series [see comic book linear notes]
  • In Hotspot’s first appearance in WINNER TAKE ALL, his voice was uncredited
Producer David Slack on Hotspot: “Then there’s Hotspot. He was Joto originally, and then we learned what that meant in Spanish and changed his name. [note: Joto is Swahili for heat; in Spanish, it’s a derogatory term]. With Hoptspot, the description we wrote was “A human flame-thrower with a fiery temper to match.” So he became the not-so-nice one.”

Hot Spot is based on the Teen Titan known as Joto in the comic book series; Joto is swahili for heat. Joto became a member of the reformed second group of Teen Titans in TEEN TITANS [second series] #1 [1996].

Winner Take All
Titans Together

Bumper Robinson as Hotspot

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