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Alias: Limbo, Grunge, Rave

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Opening Acts

Years ago, the Teen Titans were called to provide security for a rock concert taking place in the town of Eden Crest. The main act was Limbo, a raucous rock star whom kids idolized and parents feared. Limbo incited a riot at the concert, which was contained by the Titans. But the melee was actually a diversion, as Limbo’s true objective was to acquire a developmental anti-aging formula for the scheming Contessa Erica Alexandra del Portenza. The Titans thwarted his plan and Limbo was not seen from again.

Unknown to the Titans, Limbo was actually a guise taken by a demonic creature who made a sinister practice of enticing children towards a path of social apathy and violence. Over the years, “Limbo” assumed different guises, each one  latching onto a persona that would prove charismatic to the young. The demon has been known to charm the guileless as Limbo, Grunge, Rave… and most recently, Goth.

The New Wildebeests were engineered by Goth, 
as revealed in SINS OF YOUTH SECRET FILES #1 [2000].

Gothic Tale

As his Goth persona, the demon was a horror film actor that took his role to the extreme, wearing his ‘make-up’ 24 hours a day. Goth flirted with concepts of mortality, death and chaos – often intriguing teenagers with his dark demeanor. Nightwing became suspicious of Goth when a string of murders mirrored the plots of Goth’s movies. As the Titans engaged Goth at a horror convention, the team was transported to Goth’s portion of ‘hell’, known as Dis.

In Dis, all residents had immortality but lost the ability to care about anything. Goth had already lured hundreds of kids into this nightmarish realm. But Nightwing deduced that when an individual started caring about something in Dis, they were expunged and returned to Earth. The Titans were eventually able to save the youths when Starfire put Goth in jeopardy. Since the children idolized Goth, Starfire’s gambit paid off and the kids’ concern instantly triggered their transportation back their respective homes.

When the Titans were effected by Klarion the Witch Boy’s aging spell, the demonic Goth  took advantage of their distress, once again allying himself with the conniving Contessa. To this end, he created an army of upgraded Wildebeests. These Wildebeests looked like their predecessors, but once unmasked, were revealed to be actual Wildebeest-like man-monsters. Goth commanded these ferocious new Wildebeests to attack JFK International and Grand Central Station, but the Titans eventually contained the savage creatures.

Sometime later, the Justice Society found Goth’s charred corpse. Apparently, Goth attempted to channel powerful dark magic but was destroyed as a result.

Powers and Abilities

Goth is powerfully charismatic, with millions of teenagers in his sway. The character he plays in his movies has the ability to create and throw flames, a talent for inducing mild trances, razor-sharp claws and teeth, superhuman strength, and various other “demonic” powers.


Essential Reading

Titans #3-4 [1999]: The horrors of the movie screen come to life to terrorize the Titans! The internet is full of cries for help from the Titans and splatter-movie star Goth is behind it all. Goth’s plan is revealed: He’s collecting the souls of his fans and sending them to his Hell-Dimension called Dis. First full appearance of Goth in issue #3.
Titans #9 [1999]: Raven returns as the Day of Judgment wreaks havoc on the DCU; The team’s former resident empath seeks Troia’s help to reach the gates of Heaven. Plus, Deathstroke faces off against Tartarus. Meanwhile, Goth takes advantage of the mystical chaos Day of Judgment has brought.
Sins of Youth Secret Files #1 [2000]: In a tale from the past, the Silver Age Teen Titans prevent rock-star Limbo from stealing an anti-aging formula. In the present, Goth uses real demonic Wildebeests to cause havoc. Goth revealed to be in league with the Contessa. Goth revealed to have taken various guises to lure teens to subversion, including Limbo. Origin of Goth.
Justice Society of America #9 [2007]: In this issue, a fight between Wildcat and Wildcat; a firehouse pancake breakfast; Power Girl’s quest to unlock the secret’s behind her cousin’s death; Citizen Steel’s new family and the fate of Starman! The Justice Society find Goth’s charred corpse and deduce that Goth was murdered.

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