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Alias: Godvia’s real name is unknown

New Teen Titan Adversary


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Born in Ghana and based in the Swiss Alps, the assassin Godiva claims to be the offspring of a Chinese prince and an African princess. Godiva is a mercenary who treats her missions like games, and often has a film crew follow her around taking her orders. Obsessed with her own beauty  –  she stares into mirrors constantly – Godiva has a pathological need to be the center of attention. An avowed health nut, Godiva has been known to murder associates who smoke or eat red meat.

The New Teen Titans first encountered Godiva in France after she kidnapped John and Cherie Chase, parents of teen telekinetic Danny Chase. The Chases had information on a spy satellite that Godiva planned to steal and sell to the highest bidder. Danny helped the Titans rescue his parents, but Godiva slipped away. As a result of Danny’s impressive quick-thinking and useful telekinesis, he was allowed to stay with the Titans. It can be said that Godiva was responsible for bringing Danny and the Titans together.

Godiva is ready for her close-up in NEW TEEN TITANS (second series) Annual #3 [1988].

Godiva clashed with the Titans a second time, when she was sent to assassinate a British spy linked to Danny Chase’s grandfather. Godiva distracted the Titans by detonating a bomb that almost killed Nightwing, and later dropped the British agent to his death. The hypnotic femme fatale then cooly made her escape.


Godiva is rather psychotic. She is unreliable and unstable, almost childlike in manner. Godiva is very self-absorbed; a video cameraman follows her everywhere, at her orders. Godiva stares into mirrors constantly, obsessed with her beauty.

Sometimes Godiva treats her encounters with the Titans as a game, even stealing kisses from Cyborg, which he cannot stand. She has an almost pathological need to be the center of attention. Despite her frivolous behavior, Godiva does have a knack for getting the job done and escaping unscathed.

Godiva is a health nut in every sense of the word. She has been known to shoot or “fire” (as in, throw a firebomb at) her employees for smoking or eating red meat. Her macabre sense of humor almost rivals the Joker in this respect.

 Powers and Abilities

Godiva possesses hypnotic powers that charm her victims into behaving like mindless puppets. In addition to her control power, Godiva has in the past been backed up by attack copters and henchmen, all sporting a stylized “G.”

The splash page of NEW TEEN TITANS (second series) Annual #3 [1988],
featuring the debuts of Danny Chase and Godiva.


 Marv Wolfman on Godiva

From “Additions”, a text page in New Teen Titans Annual #3 [1988]: “We also introduce a new villainess. Godiva is, quite frankly, a loony tune. We don’t have many of them in these pages, which made the character more interesting to write. Most of our characters are either quite intelligent (Terminator, Cheshire, etc.) or powerful (Trigon, Brotherhood of Evil) or bludgeoning (Fearsome Five). Godiva should work out to be a fun character to put in the book from time to time-to lighten up the proceedings with a touch of sinister mayhem.”

Conceptual drawings of Godiva from NEW TEEN TITANS (second series) Annual #3 [1988].


Essential Reading

New Teen Titans (second series) Annual #3[1988]: The elegant mercenary Godiva makes her debut, capturing Central Bureau of Investigation agents, John and Cherie Chase. First appearance of Danny Chase and Godiva.
New Teen Titans (second series) #44 [1988]: Godiva assassinates a British spy, battles the Titans, and escapes.

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