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Gifted with the ability to turn her flesh into crystal, the young girl known as Kole found refuge beneath the Arctic Circle. There, she discovered an exotic Underworld and befriended a gentle caveman known as Gnarrk. Only able to utter the phrase, “Gnarrk!”, he and Kole share an unspoken bond.

When the Titans discovered this strange land during a battle with Dr. Light, the teen heroes became fast friends. Dr. Light attempted to use Kole’s crystal form as a lens to increase his light-based powers exponentially. But the teen heroes banded together and it was “lights out” for Dr. Light once again.

After this adventure, Robin made both Kole and Gnarrk honorary Titans.

  • In the comics, Gnarrk was romantically linked to the psychic Titan known as Lilith. In the animated series, Kole takes Lilith’s place as Gnarrk’s special friend.
  • In the comics, the Titans named the caveman after the only word he repeated over and over: “Gnarrk!”
  • There’s was much debate over the correct pronunciation of “Gnarrk,” whose character name was only seen in printed form.  What it “Nark” or “Guh-nark”? From Writer Amy Wolfram: “When I talked to [long-time Teen Titans comic book writer] Marv [Wolfman], he pronounced it both ways. I think he always thought of him as “Nark,” and then he heard how we were pronouncing it. It just seemed like it needed another syllable. And [character designer] Derrick [Wyatt] and a few others insisted it was “Guh-nark.”

Story Editor Amy Wolfram on Gnarrk: “Both Kole and Gnarrk were two characters from our wish list of characters [we wanted to adapt for the series]. In developing this arc, and going around the world, we wanted to see some characters you wouldn’t normally see in the Titans’ world. Red Star was in exile; Kole and Gnarrk had taken themselves out of the world. ”

“[…] The guys went crazy over Gnarrk. They just loved him and the idea of this caveman Titan. We have so many different young super-heroes, and Gnarrk is just a different type of character. But a lot of the guys [who worked on the show] loved Gnarrk. I know he’s not one of the most popular characters and I know [comic book writer] Marv [Wolfman] didn’t like him at all [laughs]. I just spoke with him last week, and he mentioned, “I never liked that character.” But it was especially nice to see this really sweet relationship between these two characters. We don’t really have many super-hero characters that are a team like that, that really love each other and work together.”

Gnarrk first appeared in TEEN TITANS #32-33 [1971]. A gentle Caveman out of his own time, Gnarrk bonded with the Titan, Lilith Clay. Gnarrk appeared in TEEN TITANS #39 and #50-52, where it was revealed he was engaged to Lilith. In TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #50 [1984], Lilith informed the Titans that Gnarrk died under mysterious circumstances. Gnarrk’s story was revised and retold in NEW TITANS #56 [1989].

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Dee Bradley Baker as Gnarrk

Dee Bradley Baker provides various voices for the series, including: Plasmus, Cinderblock, Soto, Soto’s dog, Wildebeest, Larry the Titan and Glgrdsklechhh.

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