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Three teenage bad seeds – Gizmo, Jinx and Mammoth – were about to graduate from the Hive Academy and were looking to be employed by criminal patron Slade. But first he asked them to pass one final exam: destroy the Teen Titans. Gizmo, covered head to toe in high-tech gadgets, is a pint-sized boy-genius with a bad attitude. Mammoth is not just big for his age, this ultimate bully is big for his species. Jinx is a beautiful but arrogant witch able to cast hexes that bring her enemies the worst kind of bad luck.

The three criminals took over Titans Tower – but were ultimately defeated by the Titans. They are still trying to graduate the Hive Academy to become villains in their own right.

Gizmo often clashes with Cyborg – who provides a challenge and a threat to the diminutive high-tech genius. Gizmo also allies himself with the “Hive Five” – a mischievous group of fellow Hive Academy students. So far, their collective efforts have met with little success.

  • Lauren Tom provides the voice of Gizmo as well as the voice of Jinx.
  • The comic book Gizmo is a middle-aged midget who was killed by Dr. Sivana in OUTSIDERS in 2004. The role of Gizmo has been taken up by his son – a move undoubtedly influenced by the animated Gizmo.
  • Mammoth, Jinx, Gizmo, See-More and Private Hive form the “Hive Five.” In the comic book series, Mammoth, Gizmo and Jinx were members of The Fearsome Five – a criminal group that battled the Titans.

Producer Glen Murakami on Gizmo: “We talk about the villains being all adults. We talked about different ways of doing it. I dunno… Gizmo as a little kid seemed funnier. Making them relateable just seemed more interesting. It wasn’t like “Oh, we’re going to change it just to change it.” We wanted to talk about the story and figure out how it works. I think it’s the essence of everything. Same thing with Jinx. Let’s make her more goth. It’s this blend of how to make it a little more anime… how to make it a little more contemporary… how to make it more iconic… I think we wanted to make Jinx similar to Raven but different than Raven. It’s a back-and-forth process that – after awhile – I forget exactly why we made a decision.”

Gizmo, Mammoth and Jinx are all members of the Fearsome Five, a villainous group that plagued the Titans from time to time. Gizmo was a middle-aged midget, Mammoth was a slow-witted behemoth and Jinx was an elemental sorceress who hailed from India. The Fearsome Five first battled the Titans in New Teen Titans [first series] #3 and #7. Jinx joined later in Tales of the Teen Titans #56-58.

Final Exam
Car Trouble
Winner Take All
Mother Mae-Eye

Lauren Tom (the voices of Gizmo and Jinx) 
Lauren Tom provides the voices for the devilish Hive students, Gizmo and Jinx. Lauren is an Obie Award-winning actress, known for her roles as a dutiful daughter in the film “The Joy Luck Club,” and a recurring role as Ross’s girlfriend on NBC’s “Friends.” Lauren’s voice work can be heard in the animated series, Futurama, King of the Hill, Codename: Kids Next Door, Teacher’s Pet, Rocket Power, Max Steel, Batman, Superman, Kim Possible, Clifford’s Puppy Days, American Dragon and Mulan II.

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