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A hulking Tamaranean warrior – and also Starfire’s K’Norfka [that’s Tamaranean for nanny]. Galfore raised Star from childhood until the eventful day she left Tamaran for earth. Galfore is a proud soldier but also shows remarkable tenderness where Star is concerned. Galfore affectionately refers to Starfire as “Koriand’r.”

When Tamaran rule was overthrown by Blackfire, Starfire was summoned back to Tamaran to be married. The scheme was actually a ruse concocted by Blackfire – who was exposed for her duplicity. Although Starfire was the rightful Grand Ruler of Tamaran, she appointed Galfore its new Ruler and elected to return to earth.

  • When Galfore greets Starfire in BETROTHED, he speaks Tamaranean and utters the word, “Koriand’r.” Koriand’r is Starfire’s real Tamaranean name in the comic book.

Writer/Story Editor Amy Wolfram on Galfore: “And we had fun with developing Tamaran and the whole culture. We know they’re hearty eaters. And that they’re warriors. So we went with that and had fun with it. I had a lot of fun with the character of Galfore. He’s this big hulking creature but at the same time he’s Starfire’s nanny and he’s very sweet. […] We just thought that Starfire would have someone like Galfore watching her, even if her parents were around. Since her parents are the king and queen, it seemed to make sense she might be raised by someone else.”

Galfore did not appear in the comic books; He was created for the animated series. In the comic books, Starfire had two living parents – Myand’r and Luand’r – who were the king and queen of Tamaran. They later perished when Tamaran was destroyed in New Titans #128 [1995]. She also had a younger brother, Ryand’r.


Alan Shearman as Galfore

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