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Gabriel’s Horn

Teen Titans Headquarters

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Teen Titans File Photo:

The Teen Titans in Gabriel’s Horn, by Bill Walko.



A new headquarters became a necessity after Dr. Light discovered the location of Titans’ Lair. The Teen Titans banded together for their second incarnation and soon helped Mal Duncan and Karen Beecher buy Gabriel’s Horn, a discotheque in Farmingdale, Long Island.

The headquarters was located one level down and was one simple, large room. Besides the electronic equipment, there was a large table for discussion and strategy sessions. Some minor medical equipment completed the inventory. The upper level remained an operating disco, where the Titans would hang out off-duty, and Roy Harper’s band, Great Frog, would play. The group remained at this location until they disbanded.

When the Titans broke up again, Mal and Karen kept Gabriel’s Horn going for a while, then sold it. The basement was presumably cleared of all incriminating equipment, although no one knows the equipment’s final fate.

ABOVE: Setting up Gabriel’s Horn, as seen in TEEN TITANS (first series) #47 [1976].
BELOW: Great Frog draws a crowd in  TEEN TITANS (first series) #49 [1976].

Writer Bob Rozakis on Gabriel’s Horn: “There was a club that was the model for Gabriel’s Horn two blocks from my house. The building is still there, but it is an insurance agency now. That was the most specific of all the Long Island locales I used. And, actually, I grew up in Elmont, Long Island (as anyone who remembers my days as a letterhack can tell you).”


 Essential Reading

Teen Titans #44 [1976]: The Teen Titans reorganize after a two-year hiatus, with Robin, Kid flash, Wonder Girl, Speedy, and Mal as full-time members. Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Speedy and Mal are lured to Titans’ Lair by a false distress signal, where they battle Dr. Light, who seeks revenge on the JLA; The Teen Titans do not work as a team and are defeated, except for Mal. Titans Lair location discovered by Dr. Light. Last appearance of Titans Lair.
Teen Titans #45-47 [1976]: Mal receives Gabriel Horn and becomes Hornblower. Aqualad rejoins, and the Teen Titans agree to Robin’s suggestion of building their new headquarters under a Long Island discotheque, which they soon name “Gabriel’s Horn;” The establishment is funded by Bruce “Batman” Wayne. Mal, after an argument with the other Titans, is caught in a blast set by the Wreckers and finds himself in a contest for his very life with Azrael, the Angel of Death. He believes this to have been a mere hallucination until he awakens to find himself in possession of a mystic horn given him by the angel Gabriel. Gabriel’s horn, when blown, gives him unspecified powers to use whenever the odds are against him in battle. First appearance of Karen Beecher, Mal’s girlfriend. First appearance of Gabriel’s Horn headquarters/nightclub.
Teen Titans #49 [1976]: The Bumblebee officially joins the Teen Titans in order to save Gabriel’s Horn from a gang of skateboarding hoodlums named the Rocket Rollers; Aqualad helps on this case and then faints: Kid Flash rushes Aqualad to Atlantis to determine the cause of his illness. Bumblebee joins the team.


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